Dresner: Wisdom of Crowds® Master Data Management Market Study

In the first-ever edition of the Dresner Wisdom of Crowds Master Data Management Market Study, Dresner Advisory Services has named TIBCO as a top vendor and leader in the MDM market.

Dresner’s 2022 Wisdom of Crowds Business Master Data Management (MDM) Market Study is a comprehensive report that examines the current market requirements, use cases, and intentions of tech advancements in the MDM space, how TIBCO solutions hold up in comparison, and what innovations can best drive value in your business.

Significance of TIBCO’s placement in the Dresner study:

  • Top Ranking in Inaugural MDM Report
  • Recognized as an MDM Market Leader Among Other Vendors

Download your free copy of the Dresner MDM report to discover further trends, leadership, and advancements in master data management to ensure your solutions are performing at the highest level possible.

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