Dresner: Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

Dresner Advisory Services has named TIBCO a Service Leader and a Credibility Leader in Business Intelligence. This is the sixth straight year TIBCO has been named.

Dresner’s 2022 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study is an objective source of industry research, helping you to better understand how your peers are using technologies and how TIBCO performs in comparison to other vendors.

Highlights of TIBCO’s placement in the Dresner study:

  • Service Leader in Customer Experience
  • Credibility Leader in Vendor Credibility
  • Best in Class for Consulting Continuity
  • Perfect Recommend Score

Dresner also recognized TIBCO for technical support, professionalism, responsiveness, and consulting measures.

Download your free copy. The Dresner study rates 28 vendors, including TIBCO. It covers organization budgets, data leadership, drivers of success, major BI trends, and more.

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