Converging Analytics, BI and Data Science Markets is a Hot Opportunity for Enterprise Analytics Transformation

Recently, there have been rapid advancements in both Analytics and Data Science markets. Useful capabilities from Data Science have proliferated in Analytics and useful capabilities from Analytics have proliferated in Data Science markets. Even streaming analytics capabilities have proliferated the analytics market thereby blurring the traditional boundaries of various analytics markets. Today, data scientists and data analysts can easily use the right capabilities to get their job done depending on what their needs are in the particular phase of the analytics lifecycle with a very user-friendly experience. They no longer need to compromise thanks to unification and consumerization of various analytics and data science capabilities. 

According to Gartner, “Organizations that seize the opportunities of the newly catalyzed market could dramatically accelerate their analytics maturation”.

If you are a data and analytics leader, we strongly believe that you should read this ground-breaking Gartner’s report on the convergence of these markets and top recommendations on how to seize the opportunities created by this phenomenon. You will learn:

●  What is driving the convergence of the analytics and data science markets

●  How the analytics roles and responsibilities are blurring

●  How the traditional step-wise approach for analytics is reimagined

●  How to think about analytics and data science capabilities being means to an end


“The convergence of analytics and BI and DSML platform capabilities, together with the broader collision of data and analytics worlds, is unsettling. Products are changing at an accelerated rate, with most platforms receiving updates only days or weeks apart, as opposed to monthly or annually. This frequency is transforming platforms, just as requirements and capabilities are changing more rapidly and drastically than ever. Consequently, data and analytics leaders are struggling to understand what capabilities are available and how best to meet the needs of their changing user base, which increasingly includes both technical and nontechnical, expert and citizen, users.”

-   Carlie Idoine, Gartner


Gartner, Worlds Collide as Augmented Analytics Draws Analytics, BI and Data Science Together, Carlie Idoine, 10 March 2020

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