Track and Trace Accelerator

TIBCO accelerators are engineered, open-source solution fast-starts to target specific business challenges. 

This Track and Trace Accelerator is a reference architecture for a new generation tracking technology based on event processing software. The process is configuration-driven which allows for easy modification of states and allows introduction of new logistics products in days or hours rather than weeks. The real-time dashboard for operations staff gives an at-a-glance view of network health while flagging up exceptions that require attention. With active SLA management the system can predict when parcels will be late, upwards of 8 hours before this actually happens. This also provides tools for adaptable last mile delivery changes based on customer preference.

Use cases of this Accelerator include: Track and Trace

In order to use this accelerator you will need to already own or install and configure the following TIBCO Software licenses:


If you currently do not own one or more of the products listed above, please contact our TIBCO Team

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