End-to-end Computer Vision Solutions with Intel and TIBCO

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Edge Analytics with Computer Vision
How Intel and TIBCO collaborate to create capabilities that can be deployed at your network's edge to leverage the power of Computer Vision for a wide range of new use cases.


Intel and TIBCO are collaborating to make it easier to adopt computer vision capabilities to improve and grow your business. Together, we provide  capabilities for creating end-to-end business solutions that bring the power of analytics and machine learning to the edge and the rest of the enterprise. 

Today your organization needs to be more agile and responsive than ever before. It needs to rapidly respond to fluctuating market conditions, and make faster, smarter decisions to provide your customers with the best possible experience. 

As more data-generating devices are deployed, you need better and more efficient ways to process all kinds of data and funnel it through data pipelines to data repositories throughout your ecosystem. Using computer vision, you can combine and process static images, video streams, and data from other devices/sensors so the right inferences are made in real time. This real-time sensor fusion capability is one of the strongest and most impactful benefits offered by our joint blueprint.  

Our approach is highly extensible, leveraging the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge core open-source project EdgeX Foundry, Intel’s Video Analytics Serving computer vision framework, OpenVINOTM toolkit to optimize, tune, and run comprehensive AI inference, combined with TIBCO LABS™ Project AIR™ for creating event-driven apps at the edge. EdgeX Foundry supports interoperable ecosystems with plug-and-play components, making for easy development of IoT edge solutions that adapt to changing business needs and can extend and scale services as needed.  

Intel and TIBCO joint capabilities can be used for a wide range of industry-specific use cases. For example, for Retail, we can help you:  

  • Improve the shopping experience
  • Run highly targeted in-store advertising 
  • Improve self-checkout and loss prevention
  • Manage shelf space and stocking
  • Enhance employee performance and regulatory compliance


Download this solution brief to learn how:

  • All industries are benefiting from edge analytics
  • Computer vision can be used to orchestrate machine learning model deployment at the edge 
  • Real-time sensor fusion capabilities can be implemented in your ecosystem 
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