Empower Everyone to Integrate Anything with API-led and Event-driven Integration

The TIBCO Cloud™ Integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) is the most versatile in the market, allowing anyone to quickly connect any application, data source, or IoT device, and streamline and automate processes across hybrid environments.

How TIBCO solves the challenges:

  • Addresses all connectivity use cases: Solves app, data, IoT, B2B, process, API-led, and event-driven integration challenges
  • Connects to anything: Quickly connects to modern and legacy endpoints and technologies using 200+ prepackaged, pretested, and security-rich connectors
  • Connects hybrid environments: Connects across sites, cloud platforms, SaaS, serverless, and IoT devices
  • Deploys anywhere: Deploys on premises, to the IaaS/PaaS of choice, in containers, as serverless, and to edge devices

This meeting will require 30 minutes of your time to answer interview questions posed by our representative. Based on your responses, we will provide you with the following:

  • High-Level Strategic Approach for Cloud Integration
  • Discussion of Recommended Solutions from TIBCO
  • Cloud Integration Benefits for your Organization (ROI)

Once we receive your registration, our representative will contact you to arrange the virtual meeting.

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