Assemble Services, Applications, and Experiences

Data holds 100% of your business opportunities. Make sure it’s all accessible to your systems and people.

Accessing, improving, and getting data to the right employees, channels, processes, and devices unlocks opportunities. Connect all your data sources—systems, employee apps and documents, customer touchpoints and devices, and partner and cloud applications—in the cloud, on-premises, or on-device with API-led integration. Enable developers and business users to build event-driven applications faster using new architecture patterns and low-code visual design tools to enable digital transformation.


Bring real value

With everything interconnected, you can leverage all your capabilities; innovate and delight customers and employees with new applications, features, and services; combine the power of integration with DevOps to extend your application lifecycle; and deploy and scale time- and cost-efficient microservices and hybrid architectures.

See and act on what’s happening now

By integrating devices, partners, and all sorts of applications, you acquire a unique visibility into context, and the ability to give customers truly customized experiences. And by exposing your services on your own channels and others, you multiply opportunities for conquering new audiences, expanding your horizons, and mastering new business models.

Focus, solve problems, reduce cost

Stop wasting development time and budget trying to solve integration and app development challenges that are turn-key using our software. Instead, focus on solving challenges using your applications and systems in new ways, and decrease operations costs by adopting cloud and hybrid architectures.

Fail fast & advance with confidence

Beyond the excitement experimenting and quickly creating a unique digital gem, you need agility to seize opportunities. When that means scaling to serve massive audiences across channels while making each person feel they are your only focus, we’ve got you covered. With TIBCO, you can rapidly innovate without inertia, then scale as needed with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure.

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