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As the need for traditional data scientists outpaces the available supply, citizen data scientists—nontechnical line of business users—will increasingly become the driving force behind analytics initiatives. In addition, with distributed data repositories and a huge surge in data volumes from the Internet of Things (IoT), being able to deploy machine learning pipelines and score streaming data in real-time leads to competitive advantage.

TIBCO Statistica™ helps solve these challenges by allowing data scientists to create and deploy data science workflows to data discovery tools like TIBCO Spotfire® or real-time scoring engines like TIBCO StreamBase® and TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise. Workflows improve collaboration among citizen data scientists, data scientists, and developers, allowing your organization to automate, orchestrate, and govern data science across the organization.





Data Scientist



For scientists, and data analysts who understand the value of data and need an intuitive interface for simplified data prep, analytics, and dashboards.

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For manufacturing/industrial engineers who aren’t programmers, but use analytics for quality control, SPC, process monitoring, and process optimization.

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For data scientists or statisticians who may or may not be programmers, but need machine learning, Python and R scripting, and reusable templates.

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For data scientists, executives, and managers who need a comprehensive analytics platform to run their businesses and make strategic decisions.

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For organizations who need it all.

Empowering Data Scientists and Citizen Data Scientists

Simplified data prep, mashup, and aggregation

R, Python, and C# scripting

Time-stamped and/ or batch-stamped data mashup capability


Web-based access to view and run workflows*


Automatic model building and comparison

Integration with Algorithm and App Marketplaces

Azure ML, Apervita, Algorithmia, and H20.ai


Report templates*


Descriptive statistics, forecasting, regression, and exploratory data analysis

Quality control, multivariate SPC, and design of experiments

Machine learning, data mining, and automated neural networks


Analysis of research designs with both fixed and random effects


Deep learning*


Text mining


Network (entity) analytics and automated model building*

Model Management & Deployment Options

Model management and version control*


Reusable workflow templates*


Batch scoring*


Model deployment code generation in PMML


Model deployment code generation in Java, C#, SQL, database stored procedure, and SAS


IoT: deploy data prep and analytic workflows on edge devices and gateways*


Business rules builder (conditional execution of models and rules, if/elseif/else)


Real-time monitoring and alerting*


Real-time live scoring*

Compliance, Security, and Governance

User/role-based security, audit trails, version, approvals, and electronic signatures*


Validatable analytics and reporting for regulated industries* (FDA CFR Part 11, IHC, SOX, and Basel II)

Industry-specific Analytic Add-ons

OSI PI connector


Validated data entry*


Stability and shelf-life analytics*


Product traceability analytics*

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*Requires server add-on for Analyst, Modeler, or Data Scientist. Server is included in Comprehensive.