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Immersive, smart, real-time insights for everyone

Close the gap between business insights and business outcomes in a fully governed, scalable analytics platform. With Spotfire, all decision makers⁠—from marketing managers to data scientists⁠—make discoveries in data through insightful and immersive visual exploration. Underpinned by embedded data science, Spotfire delivers capabilities at-scale for predictive analytics, geolocation analytics, and streaming analytics —all in one decision platform.

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Spotfire 12 Webinar Series: Introduction
Immersive Visual Analytics

Immersive Visual Analytics

With the Spotfire analytics platform, and the TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics advantage, you get a seamless, single-pane-of-glass experience for visual analytics, data discovery, and point-and-click insights. Immerse yourself in both historic and real-time data, interactively: Drill down or across multi-layer, disparate data sources with fully brush-linked, responsive visualizations.

TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics
Spotfire Mods: Custom Analytics Apps

Spotfire Mods: Custom Analytics Apps

Imagine, then rapidly build, scalable tailored analytics apps using the Spotfire Mods framework—to get all the power of Spotfire software in your own fit-for-purpose analytics apps. This lightweight extension framework makes it easy to be a modder. Custom configure your app for greater interactivity with any visualization library, API, or workflow—ALL within the Spotfire environment.

Embedded Interactive AI, Data Science

Embedded Data Science, Interactive AI

Spotfire software is the smarter analytics platform. Its Recommendations engine automatically IDs the most interesting patterns in your data, providing guidance for deeper exploration in seconds. Spotfire embedded data science capabilities empower you with custom expressions and data functions. You can write and manage scripts all in one environment with native R and Python bundled engines and even access pre-trained, governed data science models at the click of a button with TIBCO® ModelOps.

TIBCO® Data Science
Real-time Streaming Analytics

Real-time Decisions

Consume and analyze both historical and streaming data as part of the same analysis. Whether it's streaming data sources updating analysis in real-time or configuring cloud action workflows directly from a visualization, Spotfire reduces the lag between event and action to make both human-in-the-loop monitoring and automated decisioning more efficient.

Real-time Analytics
Powerful GeoAnalytics

Powerful GeoAnalytics

The long-time strength of Spotfire geoanalytics is well-known. Seamlessly, intuitively, drill down within and between multi-layered map charts for deeper insights and automatic context for location-based data. Recalculate models in real time between visualization layers with automatic marking scheme updates.

Location Analytics
Intelligent Data Wrangling

Intelligent Data Wrangling

Spotfire software speeds preparing data for analysis. Combine, clean, enrich, and transform data from a variety of sources, including big data sources—all directly within the analysis environment. Edit inline with an auto-recorded, editable, sharable lineage that supports audit needs. Smart machine learning workflows simplify data preparation, automating basic tasks like AI-powered smart joins.

Data Wrangling
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