Real-time Loyalty Management Platform

Turning Customers into Fans™

Leveraging best-in-class TIBCO products, TIBCO® Reward integrates all marketing point solutions and tackles the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of customer data in an easy-to-use SaaS loyalty management platform.

Marketers can finally gain a holistic view of the customer and communicate consistently across channels—without reliance on IT.

TIBCO reward

More profit and wallet share

Easily leverage customer data from every touchpoint for expanded and enhanced customer experiences that generate better response rates and measurable bottom-line impact.

Increased customer loyalty and lifetime value

Relevant engagement via real-time analytics and event processing lets you immediately extend offers that your customers care about. The result? Happy customers that keep coming back.

Improved marketing ROI

Feed program improvement, leverage real-time analytics, and scale as needed. High data volumes don’t impact performance of even the largest programs.

Better marketing productivity

TIBCO Reward gives you an easy to use platform for managing loyalty programs and analyzing results — without help from IT. Expedite discovery and program execution so you can focus on creativity as a marketer.