Industrial Strength Message Oriented Middleware

TIBCO Rendezvous® is one of the most widely deployed and proven high-throughput, low latency messaging solutions available today. With a broad range of features, it is the ideal platform for high-speed data distribution, using a fully-distributed daemon-based peer-to-peer architecture. TIBCO Rendezvous® Network Service additionally enables TIBCO Rendezvous for container and cloud deployments.

Boost efficiency

Real-time Data Visibility

TIBCO Rendezvous is widely deployed and proven low-latency messaging software that enables real-time data visibility, empowering your people to act faster for improved customer intimacy and increased operational performance.

Customizable Scalability

Customizable Scalability

Maximize application uptime and performance by selecting the quality of service for delivery, including reliable or guaranteed, fault-tolerance and built-in load balancing. Fully distributed peer-to-peer architecture provides additional flexibility for scaling distributed applications to achieve digital business success.

Flexible Cloud Deployments

With native Kubernetes support and auto-scaling capabilities provided by TIBCO Rendezvous® Network Service, you can easily deploy TIBCO Rendezvous solutions to any cloud environment—public, private, or hybrid.