TIBCO Graph Database

Leverage the power of relationships to solve reach and connectivity problems at scale

To unveil the true value of constantly evolving business data, you need to understand the relationships in data in a much more profound way. Unlike other databases, a graph database puts relationships at the forefront, using Graph theory and Linear Algebra to traverse and show how complex data webs, data sources, and data points relate. TIBCO® Graph Database allows you to discover, store, and convert complex dynamic data into meaningful insights.

Optimize Assets and Processes

Optimize Assets and Processes

Enable users to rapidly build data and computational models that establish dynamic relationships among organizational silos. These knowledge graphs deliver value by connecting your organization’s vast array of data and revealing relationships that let you accelerate optimization of assets and processes.

Scale with Exceptional Performance

Scale linearly as connected datasets grow exponentially. Built on the strong mathematical principles of graph theory and linear algebra, and with the ability to parallelize queries via modern GPU-based hardware architectures, the TIBCO Graph Database delivers exceptional performance at scale.

Analyze for Root Cause and Impact

Empower users to quickly identify the root cause behind business opportunities or threats. Execute RCA graph algorithms on modern GPU-based hardware architectures, followed with the visual reduction of potential false positives in an intuitive and interactive way.

Use an Artificial Intelligence Data Store

AI knowledge is represented as a dense temporal network dataset. The TIBCO Graph Database enables users to leverage AI algorithms and models to effectively and efficiently ask the right set of questions of their data to discover additional insights.

Really Understand the IoT

Efficiently manage data for millions of IoT device attributes and features (programmable and non-programmable). Represent relationships, compatibility, and dependencies among devices in a flexible, extensible, secure way. Create twin representations or device virtual identities by managing multiple profiles. Attach to a blockchain to even further secure and understand devices in an IoT network.

  • Load data easily into TIBCO Graph Database with Project GraphBuilder

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