Industry Leading MDM Software, TIBCO EBX™

A single solution to govern, manage, and consume all shared data assets

TIBCO EBX™ software helps organizations avoid silos with an all-in-one approach to managing data assets across the enterprise.

When you can manage and share all your data assets, you thrive. Data fuels mission-critical operations, analytical processes, and customer experience. With constantly evolving data from diverse channels and sources, business teams can no longer rely on simple office automation or outdated data management tools. EBX™ software, a recognized leader in Master Data Management (MDM) and a pioneer in data asset management, is an innovative, single solution for managing, governing, and consuming all shared data assets, including:

  • Master data
  • Reference data
  • Hierarchies
  • Business glossaries
  • Metadata

It provides risk mitigation and an accurate, trusted view of business functions, insights, and decisions. When used for integration and analytics initiatives, it empowers better decisions and faster, smarter actions. And unlike other solutions that require integration of multiple standalone applications, EBX software is a single software solution.

It’s a Single Solution

It’s a Single Solution

EBX software offers everything you need to manage all your data assets in one solution including workflow, data quality, role-specific applications, and more. This all-in-one tool has everything you need built-in and available in one unified package. No need to install multiple proprietary toolkits.

Designed for the Entire Business

Designed for the Entire Business

EBX software is designed to be used by everyone, not just data experts and developers. Mass adoption is critical for success, and the EBX system is designed for collaboration across the entire organization. It delivers self-service capabilities to all users, so they can manage, govern, and consume all their key data assets on one unified solution.

It's Actually Multidomain

A True, Multidomain Solution

With EBX software, you can model any master data—including relationships between domains—without buying separate solutions. This means you can put any domain of master/reference data—or even data governance artifacts—inside. Plus, EBX software works with SAP, BCP, TM1, and OneStream.

Flexible and Agile

Flexible and Agile

While most custom applications and purpose-built MDM solutions are hard to change, EBX software is flexible and agile. It uses a unique what-you-model-is-what-you-get design approach with applications generated on the fly and fully configurable. This eliminates the need for long, costly, and endless development projects. And it includes all the enterprise-class capabilities you need to create data-driven applications.

Supports All Data-driven Use Cases

Supports All Data-driven Use Cases

There are various types of business processes from operational to analytical to governance. While each process type has different aims, the same data assets power them all. Instead of managing these assets in multiple, separate applications EBX software is a single place to govern and manage them all.


Watch a 10-Minute Demo of TIBCO EBX

10-Minute Demo of the TIBCO EBX Multi-domain Data Management Solution