TIBCO Products

TIBCO® Data Virtualization

Less complexity and cost, faster access to analytic data.

An enterprise data virtualization solution that orchestrates access to multiple and varied data sources and delivers the data sets and IT-curated data services foundation for nearly any analytics solution.


A single solution to manage, govern, and consume all shared data assets

Businesses thrive when high-quality, shared data assets fuel critical operational and analytical processes. A recognized leader in master data management (MDM) and a pioneer in data asset management, TIBCO EBX™ is an innovative solution that helps organizations coherently govern, manage, and consume all shared data assets:

  • Master data
  • Reference data
  • Hierarchies
  • Business glossaries
  • Metadata

EBX™ provides risk mitigation and an accurate, trusted view of business functions, insights, and decisions.

TIBCO® Graph Database

Leverage the power of relationships to solve reach and connectivity problems at scale

To unveil the true value of constantly evolving business data, you need to understand the relationships in data in a much more profound way. Unlike other databases, a graph database puts relationships at the forefront, using Graph theory and Linear Algebra to traverse and show how complex data webs, data sources, and data points relate. TIBCO® Graph Database allows you to discover, store, and convert complex dynamic data into meaningful insights.


Ensure Trusted Data for Positive Outcomes

Master Data Management makes your data a trusted source—clean, reliable, complete, and up-to- date, so you can confidently determine context and appropriately respond to affect positive business outcomes.