Salesforce integration for the rest of us

Next-gen integration powered by machine learning

Salesforce heroes now have a new super power with an ability to integrate with other business applications without ever leaving their Salesforce UI. Embedded within the Salesforce app, this innovative solution leverages deep learning and smart mapping to connect and automatically map data for easy integration with other applications.


Simple salesforce application integration

Empower business users to connect

Business users are most familiar with the user environment they work in. Why force them to move to other tools to integrate with other business apps. Built on Salesforce Lightning Platform, TIBCO Cloud™ Integration for Salesforce seamlessly embeds itself in the familiar Salesforce UI, allowing non-technical users to connect within minutes, zero coding required.

Get speed, scalability, and low cost

Powered by the ultra lightweight, open source TIBCO Flogo® integration engine, and deployed on AWS Lambda, TIBCO Cloud Integration for Salesforce supplies a highly responsive, very cost effective, and super scalable runtime environment—a great solution as your needs evolve.

Stay focused & leave integration to us

With deep machine learning models that constantly learn about your applications’ usage and field mapping behavior, TIBCO Cloud Integration for Salesforce gets smarter by the day. Its ML smarts mean less work and fewer errors for every integration it handles. Focus on your business problems and leave integration to us.


Smart Mapping of Salesforce Integration

Smart Mapping

Leveraging a sophisticated scoring mechanism, TIBCO Cloud Integration for Salesforce automatically maps most fields for apps you want to connect to and provides intelligent suggestions for others.

Integration rules and filters for Salesforce

Rules Creation

Point and click within the UI to define specific filters, rules, and relationships between various objects of your SaaS applications.

Trigger events with salesforce

Event Triggering

Define event-based triggers on Salesforce objects to execute an action based on conditions such as before or after.

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