Business Process Management for Digital Transformation

BPMS to coordinate process, people, context, and action for better business outcomes.

Listed as one of today's top business process management platforms, TIBCO®'s BPM Enterprise facilitates valuable business insights and actions by presenting the right data to the right person in a consumable fashion at the right time. This BPMS capability allows companies to fuel digital transformation by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions. We provide solutions that can truly transform your business, not just automate it.

"With TIBCO automated BPM workflows and resource assignment, we've dramatically shortened approval times for commercial lending and mortgage approvals. We consistently see 30 to 50 percent reductions in time to market for our business process automations."
- Lawrence Wan, chief architect for BMO Financial Group


Become faster and better

It's amazing what results you get when you can manage resources—people and infrastructure—independent of processes. With BPMS, you can model how work flows through your organization and in real time swap resources in and out wherever they may be without affecting live processes. That includes infrastructure, but also people, their skills, schedules, work groups, and virtual teams. With BPM Enterprise, our business process management software, you have the flexibility to change and do it quickly.

Business Process Management Software (BPMS) to streamline customer interactions with case management

Get the best information for the decision

With business process management (BPM) and integration, you can get information from anywhere to anywhere. We can help you include contextual actions, recommendations, and instructions from the TIBCO Nimbus™ Enterprise How To Guide; case management folders and linked documents and processes; and visual context from analytic dashboards in your decision-making.

Enhance visibility and drive the right outcome with business process management and process analytics

Optimize operations with processes prepared for rapid evolution

With TIBCO, you can process your big data quickly—and just as quickly get to insight using analytics dashboards, contextual processes, or low code business apps. Also use apps to add new services, products, channels, or processes to support innovation or experimentation. To test or make your ideas operational, you can display only those actions most appropriate for the situation at hand.

Use business process management to achieve desired outcomes

Experiment to create innovative digital products and services

Business process management, enabled through BPMS, helps to achieve the goal of every process – achieving a desired outcome. Standardization helps you reduce costs, waste, and defects; optimize resources; reduce cycle time; and eliminate paper. Digitalization goes beyond those benefits to help you promote innovation and change; rapidly introduce new products; empower lines of business with self-service; provide instant awareness and action; and optimize standardized, unpredictable, and ad hoc processes.

Differentiate and delight customers

Digital transformation means not just serving your customers, it means delighting them. It begins with integrating and automating your end-to-end processes with business process management. With the right BPMS and the right processes, you will get results. You'll make better business decisions, take first-mover advantages, and roll out omni-channel engagement, customer-centric processes, and personalized interactions.