02 / 2019

TIBCO Cloud Mashery® is Cloud-Native

TIBCO is proud to announce that its API Management solution, TIBCO Cloud Mashery®, is now fully cloud-native. TIBCO Cloud Mashery is the ultimate API Management solution for enterprises moving toward cloud-native architectures in order to develop and deploy faster, align seamlessly with their DevOps tooling and processes. and achieve the speed, agility, and innovation that digital businesses require.

Cloud-Native Scaling

Scale dynamically across the cloud, wherever your API management solution or APIs are deployed, using the API platform that runs more cloud API traffic than any other provider, TIBCO Cloud Mashery. With first-class support for Kubernetes, Mashery lets you manage your entire API platform, APIs of connected apps and microservices within the same containerized environment.

Deploy Anywhere

You can now utilize the market's leading platform's capabilities to align with any DevOps or enterprise cloud strategy in any environment including any public cloud, private cloud, or fully containerized on-premises system. Cloud-native Mashery is a seamless fit with DevOps app development and deployment processes because it operates within the same containerized environments and includes seamless integration with native DevOps tooling.

Manage your APIs from Everywhere

In the cloud-native world, APIs can truly live anywhere, changing how they are managed and secured. With TIBCO Cloud Mashery, you can control your entire API program, regardless of where your APIs run—in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge. And while your services and microservices may reside anywhere, you can manage them all using one platform (including microgateways), through a single pane of glass.

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12 / 2018

AWS API Product Listings via TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery

Enterprises of all sizes are developing and distributing API products, and investing in improving their developer experience in order to attract companies and developers to utilize their services in leading consumer-facing and enterprise applications. Many of these API programs are monetizing their APIs as well, which requires an automated billing program that can work at scale with multiple pricing and consumption plans. The need for exposure to new developer audiences and a scalable monetization program creates a market opportunity for AWS Marketplace and Mashery.

API Product Listings on AWS Marketplace enables Mashery customers to publish their Mashery APIs natively as an AWS Marketplace Listing, just as a vendor would with SaaS app listings. The massive developer ecosystem that AWS attracts will have seamless access, consumption, and billing to their AWS account. API developers are now given the opportunity to reach a broader audience with scalable productization. This is precisely the digital ecosystem value proposition that AWS Marketplace is optimal for. Contact TIBCO for more information on how to utilize this exciting capability.

11 / 2018

TIBCO Mashery Local 5.0 is GA

We are pleased to announce that TIBCO Mashery Local 5.0, a cloud-native API gateway, is now generally available!

  • Ultimate control for customers around deployment choices

This release provides flexibility and control to our customers over where and how Mashery Local can be deployed.

The API Gateway can be configured to operate in two modes: hybrid or completely standalone. When Mashery Local is set to operate in hybrid mode, TIBCO Cloud Mashery continues to provide a single pane of glass via the centralized API Control Center for management and analytics. The API Gateway supports deployment in a customer's data center, or cloud environment, to process traffic.

When Mashery Local is set to operate in a completely standalone mode, a new Configuration Manager tool is included to configure API policies, packages, and plans and manage API keys. Customers continue to have access to improved operational intelligence and API analytics via a locally available, and real-time dedicated log service.

  • Optimized for cloud-native deployments, supporting a wide variety of platforms, and orchestration stacks like Kubernetes and Swarm

The product is available for deployment across a range of platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP and other on-premises environments supporting Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and OpenShift for orchestration tooling. A complete list of supported platforms is available in the release notes.

  • Flexible scaling that can tailor to desired API performance characteristics

API Gateway administration teams can flexibly manage and independently scale components that comprise the API Gateway to suit their specific API traffic profile and desired performance characteristics.

  • Faster OAuth token management and synchronization in distributed, highly available environments

This release includes a significantly revamped architecture that drives performance improvements around OAuth tokens synchronization across multi-data centers and globally distributed regions.

The product is available immediately for download on edelivery.tibco.com along with detailed installation documentation.

10 / 2018

Additional Swagger/OpenAPI Spec Support Released

TIBCO continues to provide tools that enable modern API development and documentation practices. With our improved native Swagger/OAS support you can easily import, manage and display Swagger 2.0 and OAS 3.0.x alongside Mashery's own IO Docs format.

Key features:

More information can be found in our Documentation.

  • You decide which API documentation format best meets your needs
  • Swagger and IO docs side by side as first class citizens in Editor and Documentation
  • Advanced editor, including:
    • JSON formatting
    • JSON validation
    • Rendered view in editor

08 / 2018

Streaming Analytics of Call Logs

We are very pleased to announce the General Availability of the Call Log Stream feature. This unique in the market feature provides real-time, low-level transactional information about your API traffic whether you deploy our SaaS traffic manager, on-premise or in a hybrid deployment. As the 'front door' for your APIs, knowing what's happening with your traffic from Mashery's perspective is critical.

  • Provides Sub-minute latency
  • Combines with your own Operational dashboards and systems to get full picture of traffic health
  • Enriched transaction data containing information such as package, endpoint, URI, IP address, and many more!
  • WebSocket Based Streaming API
  • Compliments ECLE feature

Visit the Online Documentation to enable this feature today!

06 / 2018

Now Available: API History

We are happy to announce that we have released a new feature this week called API History. This feature allows an Administrator to compare versions of API configurations to see what changed between versions, as well as exposes Audit information such as the time/date of incremental changes, and the username of the person who made the update.

This feature is available to all customers and is available on the left-hand navigation for API Definitions. Keep an eye out for continued iteration to this feature, as well as related Audit features coming soon!

04 / 2018

TIBCO Mashery is now TIBCO Cloud Mashery!

TIBCO Mashery is ever evolving and we are proud to announce that TIBCO Mashery has become an intrinsic part of TIBCO Cloud. TIBCO Cloud Mashery is the next step in bringing all of the TIBCO Cloud offerings closer together, giving you, as our customer, a one-stop shop for all Software as a Service offerings from TIBCO.

All our new customers will onboard via TIBCO Cloud, to access, sign up now for our free trial here.

TIBCO Cloud comes with not only TIBCO Cloud Mashery, but also allows you to try and use the following products:

  • TIBCO Cloud Integration - Wherever your applications and APIs are, use your browser to quickly and easily connect to them.
  • TIBCO Cloud Live Apps - Rapidly create and deliver smart business apps with an intuitive and easy to use low-code platform.
  • TIBCO Cloud Messaging - High performing web and mobile apps require real-time exchange of information—exactly what TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging provides.
  • TIBCO Cloud Spotfire - A cloud analytics software-as-a-service platform designed for data visualization and discovery. Everything you need is available on the cloud—no installation, just analytics.

TIBCO Cloud is the one stop shop for all customers using TIBCO's software-as-a-service offerings, and Mashery is now an integral aspect!

02 / 2018

New Control Center UX

The Mashery team is happy to announce an update to its Control Center. While working with a lot of customers talking about our user experiences within Control Center, we learned that simplicity in setting up the base of your Mashery-managed API's goes a long way. So instead of opening up a new page with all options right away, we first help you out with a basic model that will allow you to quickly setup and configure the following items:

This will hopefully help you as our customer to get to success more quickly and easily! Any feedback on this is welcome, please tell us how we can make this an even better experience!

12 / 2017

Modeling and Mocking your APIs

As API management solutions continue to become more and more important for any enterprise, the need to increase connectivity and ease of use in setting up your APIs as early as possible is a must. In order to help you in decreasing your API lifecycle time, as well as allow for quicker feedback on the API design, TIBCO Cloud Mashery® now comes bundled with the API mocking and modeling capabilities of TIBCO Cloud Integration.

TIBCO Cloud Integration comes with an online, zero code API modeler, that allows you to model your JSON specification using a graphical interface. You can start from scratch and define your API using this, or you can bring your own by importing your specifications from file, URL or GitHub. For all functionality available in the API modeler, please click here.