Safeguard Your Enterprise Data

Securely Manage API Traffic Across Your Ecosystem

Employ a wide range of policies to gain control over how, when, and from where your user community can access your APIs. The API Management Control Center lets you fully control your APIs. The traffic manager polices your servers to safeguard them against unauthorized access and overloading. The gateway is available across on-premises and cloud environments, allowing for a single view of all gateways.

What is an API Gateway?

An API Gateway is a wrapper for a service that separates the front-end interface from the backend service or data and applies policies, authentication, and general access control to protect valuable data.


Prevent Unauthorized Access

APIs deliver strong business value, but can also present a serious business risk if your data is compromised. The TIBCO Cloud™ API Management API gateway prevents unauthorized access to your production data and backend systems.

Secure Data Transmission

Access control is just one layer of security. The TIBCO Cloud™ API Management platform also ensures that all data-in-transit is fully encrypted to protect against attempts to monitor or intercept it.

API Gateways to Control API Traffic Spikes

Control API Traffic Spikes

Define security and runtime policies for API traffic so you stay in complete control of your assets. Security and API behavior is managed through endpoint policies such as authentication, throttling, and caching that optimize API runtime performance.

Choose from Hybrid Deployment Options

Manage your API traffic in the SaaS cloud, on-premises, or any combination of the two. Deploy your API gateways as required to align with the needs of your business and your app infrastructure.

Event-driven API Microgateway

TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise—the commercial, fully supported version of the open source Project Flogo® framework, is a microgateway that works seamlessly with TIBCO Cloud™ API Management software to enable developers to create API-led and event-driven microservices. This embeddable microgateway can then be deployed to any infrastructure: on-premises, at the edge in devices, and in web-scale serverless environments.


Federated API Gateways

Federated Gateways

Deploy and run your API gateways on-premises or in the cloud—and manage them centrally as a single pane of glass.

API Gateway to provide Traffic Throttling & Caching

Traffic Throttling & Caching

Set API traffic limits at the API, method, developer, or key. Enforce local or global caching and geo routing policies.

API Gateway - Secure Access Control

Secure Access Control

Use SAML and/or OAuth2 authentication and allow local control of SSL termination and secrets management for keys.

API Gateway with Full Data Encryption

Full Data Encryption

Fully encrypt both inbound and outbound data traffic using SSL. TIBCO also supports industry security specifications, such as PCI, HITRUST

API Gateway Runs in Docker

Runs in Docker

Deploy in any environment that supports Docker containers, such as Kubernetes, Swarm, or Openshift, on-premises or in your private cloud with Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

API Gateway with Custom Extension Points

Custom Extension Points

Using our adapter SDK, write your own custom logic for integrating with IT infrastructure such as identity management systems.

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