API Connectivity to Any Data Source

By bringing together integration and API management, your APIs can access all your data and services. APIs have many internal and external uses, and to realize their full potential, they must be able to connect to a wide variety of data sources, including those in-house, and in private and public cloud applications. With TIBCO Cloud™ API Management (powered by Mashery®), you can quickly create secure and produce resilient APIs.


Build intelligent APIs

Build intelligent APIs

Smarter applications require smarter APIs. TIBCO's Connected Intelligence platform combines integration and API management functionality and makes it simple to model flows between multiple data sources for more complex operations. Create intelligent APIs with powerful data integration.

Repurpose data and services

Repurpose data and services

When it comes to API creation, why reinvent the wheel? Reuse existing SOAP services where possible. You can wrap them with REST interfaces, or refactor them into something more suitable for your REST API development.

Build APIs Faster

Build APIs Faster

We've reimagined the way you build an API. Our API-first guided approach lets you model potential APIs, see how they look to your user, and test them out, all in one place.

Use versatile microservices

Use versatile microservices

More and more organizations are moving to microservices as a foundation for applications and APIs. Through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform, you can easily create microservices that deliver more flexible and scalable APIs. Use a single control plan for distributed microservices with traffic management, security, and end-to-end service chain observability and visibility.


Visual API Modeling

Visual API Modeling

Our codeless, API creation environment generates open API (Swagger) documents for easy service exploration and testing.

API Creation: Mocking and Testing

Mocking and Testing

From within the API modeling interface, create a mock implementation of your API to ensure proper behavior.

API Creation: Microservices Ready

Microservices Ready

Build fine-grained services to deliver web scale performance for mobile apps, composable APIs, or targeted access to legacy apps.

API Creation: API Choreography

API Choreography

Create API flows between applications and services that go way beyond simple request/reply scenarios.

API Creation with Beyond REST Support

Beyond REST Support

Empower business teams to create rich and event-driven API products, while providing standardization and governance across all APIs.

API Creation: API Monetization

API Monetization

Implement API pricing models or chargebacks via export of API call log details to the monetization software of your choice.

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