Process Control for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Real-time Monitoring and Control to Support the Delivery of Safe and Effective Products

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must maximize efficiency, product quality, and yield while meeting regulatory and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements—all while controlling costs throughout the production process. Stable and robust processes require sophisticated control of critical process parameters (CPPs) based on reliable data acquisition, storage, and evaluation capabilities. Additionally, drug and therapy products require close monitoring to ensure product quality.

TIBCO Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The TIBCO Connected Intelligence Platform seamlessly connects data across pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, products, equipment, and IoT devices, and intelligently unifies it for greater access and control.

Continuous Process Verification (CPV)

Product Quality

Predictive Maintenance

Implementing known statistical process control methods, augmenting those methods with monitoring and alerting, and further infusing the analytics with AI-infused process control methodologies using and digital twin technology help pharmaceutical manufacturers confidently improve yield, reduce costs, and increase quality.

Transform from Reactive to Proactive Management

  • Deliver quality drugs and therapy products to customers
  • Improve manufacturing operations, yield, and profitability
  • Avoid costly rework and recalls with anomaly detection capabilities
  • Improve equipment performance and throughput
  • Collect and manage validated data
  • Analyze product stability and shelf life
  • Monitor and alert on events in real-time


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