TIBCO Lighthouse Awards Recognize Customer Innovation at TIBCO NOW 2021

Customer Success and Ingenuity Showcased in Annual Awards

Palo Alto, CA


30 September, 2021


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in enterprise data, empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world's most complex data-driven challenges. Today, TIBCO announced the winners of its annual TIBCO Lighthouse Awards, which celebrate and recognize leadership and innovation by both individuals and organizations within its customer base. TIBCO presented the awards at TIBCO NOW 2021 to an elite group that continuously leverage technology and the limitless power of data for faster, smarter decisions.

"This year's Lighthouse Award winners demonstrate how to leverage the limitless power of data as a strategic differentiator," said Dan Streetman, chief executive officer, TIBCO. "These exceptional companies and individuals are gaining real strategic advantage through their innovation and creativity, and we’re proud to provide the platform and solutions that are enabling them to succeed."

Limitless Innovation Award

GM Financial, winner of the Limitless Innovation Lighthouse Award, is the wholly owned captive finance subsidiary of General Motors and a global provider of auto finance solutions. A longtime TIBCO Connect customer, GM Financial sought better access to its data to make faster, smarter decisions based on improved product and service performance knowledge. To master these new challenges, it deployed TIBCO Unify technology for prototyping, operational analytics, and rapid access to new data. This reduced initial requirements and design time for partners by an estimated 40% to 60%, virtually eliminating the need for rework and change requests in the development cycle. With TIBCO as its standard operational analytics platform, rules governing access, privacy, and other cybersecurity requirements became simplified, governable, standardized, and auditable. GM Financial uses the solution to streamline and centralize access to the growing number of source data systems required by increasing analytic use cases. Notably, acquiring new data sources and exposing these for analysis has been reduced from weeks and months down to hours or days.

Social Impact Award

Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA), winner of the Social Impact Lighthouse Award, is a 950-bed regional hospital located in Galicia, Spain. More than 800,000 patient consultations a year, massive volumes of patient data, and disparate data sources made it difficult to access information. With TIBCO LABS™, HULA used a process mining solution that integrated multiple system logs to identify patterns in the patient journey. Doctors and management analyzed this information to understand why disease diagnosis took one year in some cases and less than three weeks in others. Now, with insight into diagnostic protocols, early detection methods, and process mining, doctors are reducing costs and saving patient lives with faster times to diagnosis and earlier interventions. For several cancers, receiving a diagnosis three months faster is predicted to result in a more than 10% increase in long-term survival.

Customer Intimacy Award

Shinhan Bank, winner of the Customer Intimacy Lighthouse Award, is one of the major commercial banks in South Korea by assets and net income, providing retail, corporate, and investment banking services to over 25 million customers. As face-to-face experiences lessened, Shinhan had to optimize customer touchpoints digitally. TIBCO Connect and Predict solutions now bring together more than 20 different customer channels, including its banking desk, core banking app, internet banking, call center, and kiosks. This allows Shinhan Bank to identify real-time patterns across all customer and account events, understand customer sentiment across all interactions, and analyze data to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. Real-time offers allow for down-to-the-second customer engagement, and Shinhan Bank serves customers tailored offers in real time by analyzing 120 million digital logs daily. As a result, the bank experienced improvements in loyalty with contract extensions and growing loan portfolio. Shinhan Bank now engages customers in context, and the response to offers improved three-fold.

Operational Excellence Award

Petrobras, winner of the Operational Excellence Lighthouse Award, is one of the largest producers of oil and gas in the world, primarily engaged in exploration and production, refining, energy generation, and trading. Petrobras has a large, proven reserve base and has acquired expertise in deep and ultra-deepwater exploration and production as a result of almost 50 years spent developing the Brazilian offshore basins, becoming the world leader in this segment. With daily output of 2.84 million barrels of oil equivalent and over 5,600 production wells, the company was overwhelmed by well log data to analyze. Using TIBCO technology, Petrobras developed a custom data analytics solution with grab-and-go capabilities. The new analytics platform allows it to lower costs by reducing reservoir exploration time, replacing multiple highly specialized applications with TIBCO Predict solutions, and reducing geological risks of off-shore exploration by allowing it to survey with data-driven confidence. This now enables the analysis of 3D seismic, core data correlation, and geostatic simulation. Users fully visualize well logs and make the right strategic investments, improve oilfield management, and reduce reservoir modeling steps by 80%.

Visionary Award

Arkema is an €8B specialty chemicals and advanced materials company based in France, manufacturing technical polymers, additives, resins, and adhesives. In addition to managing the physical flow of raw materials, an increasingly vital component of supply chain management is the flow of data from multiple domains throughout the business. Led by Jean-Marc Viallatte, group vice president of Global Supply Chain at Arkema and winner of the Visionary Lighthouse Award, the company deployed TIBCO Unify technology to revolutionize the company’s data assets across customer, vendor, and material domains. With Viallatte’s supply chain team acting as a “control tower” for these crucial data flows, Arkema leverages APIs to feed master supply chain data to downstream business systems. The team now shares standardized and accurate data widely across the organization, layering a common data framework into an ever-expanding list of products, ensuring every system deployed pulls from the trusted master data hub. Arkema enhanced regulatory compliance, facilitating additional growth through smoother M&A activity-related data integration and providing flawless customer-centric service.

​​ TIBCO Legend Award

As a leading global manufacturer of data storage products, Western Digital is driving the innovation needed to help customers capture, preserve, access, and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data, but manufacturing semiconductors is a complex, exacting process. As winner of the TIBCO Legend Lighthouse Award, Ahmer Srivastava, director of Memory Product Solutions for Analytics and Software Applications at Western Digital, sought to modernize this process. With TIBCO, Ahmer and a global team of key internal stakeholders built a powerful AI/ML data analytics platform to optimize and gain insights into its manufacturing processes and help scale rapid prototyping and development cycles. Creating an interactive diagnostic platform helps the company improve product yields and test CapEx efficiency. Across its factories, TIBCO analytics and customized dashboards now integrate test and measurement data to create a digital twin of operations. Additionally, real-time equipment monitoring allows Western Digital to proactively address potential problems, which lowers costs by increasing uptime and reducing factory floor inspections. As a business leader at Western Digital, and in partnership with TIBCO and his teammates, Ahmer Srivastava continues to drive data science, visual analytics, and smart factory innovation in his industry and among his peers.


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