TIBCO Announces NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions as a Preferred Partner

NTTCom Online Will Take Over Responsibility for TIBCO’s Sales and Client Support in Japan

Palo Alto, Calif.


06 March, 2019


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced its strategic partnership with NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation. Under the terms of the agreement, NTTCom Online will become TIBCO’s preferred partner in Japan, taking over responsibility for all sales and client support activities for the Japanese subsidiary of TIBCO. The collaboration will allow further support of TIBCO’s local client relations, while also offering NTTCom Online access to new, market-leading technology solutions.

NTTCom Online is a leading provider of customer data analytics and integrated solutions in the digital marketing area. This business partnership with TIBCO will allow the company to provide advanced solutions for Enterprise digital transformation, expand its service coverage to new mission-critical integration and analytics capabilities, and strengthen its current offerings.

“Globally, we are seeing high demand for data integration and data analytics. Asia, especially Japan, is one of the key markets where TIBCO expects big growth. By partnering with NTTCom Online, we can deliver our innovative solutions to the local market with even greater efficiency,” said William R. Hughes, executive vice president, chief administrative officer, TIBCO. “This collaboration will also accelerate the expansion of our business in Japan, allowing us to further integrate with the local market for the benefit of our customers. We are delighted to partner with NTTCom Online, whose technological expertise is matched by its vision for enterprise digital transformation.”

“The addition of TIBCO’s portfolio of data integration and analytics products will enable us to expand our customer base and provide them with even better service,” said Yoshie Tsukamoto, chief executive officer and president, NTTCom Online. “The TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform embraces technologies that efficiently connect data from various sources and enable analysis in real time, through its advanced software solutions. We look forward to working with TIBCO to expand our reach to mission-critical data analytics and data utilization in industries such as Finance, Airlines, Manufacturing and more.”

TIBCO’s various integration and analytics solutions, which will be available to NTTCom Online and respective customers, are frequently acknowledged in the industry by leading analyst firms and users alike. For example, TIBCO EBX™, formerly Orchestra Networks EBX, has added a new level of data management to TIBCO’s analytics portfolio and was recently recognized in a Master Data Management industry report. Rounding out the integration solutions, TIBCO Cloud™ Integration also received recognition in a recent iPaaS and integration platforms report. TIBCO will continue to evolve its various products in an effort to deliver the best possible results for customers and partners, such as NTTCom Online.

To learn more, visit the TIBCO website or the NTTCom Online website.

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About NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation

NTTCom Online is a digital marketing solution company under NTT Group, and provides cloud based IT technologies and data analytics to clients and supports enterprise digital marketing and digital transformation such as omni-channel strategy, data integration for critical decision making, mobile shift, customer loyalty management, marketing automation.


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