TIBCO and Taiwan's Kun Shan University Announce Advanced Analytics Laboratory for Environmental Research

Tainan, Taiwan


30 September, 2019


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced plans to collaborate with Kun Shan University in Taiwan to expand data analytics capabilities, focusing on IoT applications that address environmental issues. The proposal will see Kun Shan University and TIBCO engage students through the launch of the Advanced Analytics Laboratory for Environmental Research.

The planned collaboration between TIBCO and Kun Shan University is designed to support students from the Department of Information and Communication. Under the arrangement, students will receive hands-on practice with TIBCO tools and support for various data analytic techniques to help them build a foundation for future research in ecological matters.

"Today, data and analytics are being used to advance citizens' quality of life in many ways around the world, including Taiwan. Currently, conservationists are turning to data analytics to garner a deeper understanding of environmental degradation, thus advancing our ability to address one of the world's most pressing issues,” said Erich Gerber, senior vice president, APJ and EMEA, TIBCO. “Emerging technologies such as AI and advanced analytics will enable us to better address the challenge. With this collaboration, Kun Shan University students will get hands-on education and develop a deeper awareness of the importance of protecting our environment. TIBCO is committed to being a driving force in developing students' knowledge through technology."

As part of the collaboration, the two organizations will work together to determine how artificial intelligence and multi-scale air quality modeling can be used to understand the current ecosystem, predict future issues, and create new initiatives and services to minimize human impact on the environment.

"Data analytics is playing a major role in environmental efforts around the globe, but it is held up by a technology gap. Close collaboration between educational institutions and leaders in the data field is important in imparting expertise,” said Dr. Jer-Min Tsai, head and chairperson, Department of Information and Communication, Kun Shan University. "Together with TIBCO, Kun Shan University will practice these concepts using TIBCO tools in order to deepen students’ knowledge of advanced data analytics and how to put software to work for a good cause."

In addition to the partnership with Kun Shan University, TIBCO has been working with various universities across Asia, equipping students with the relevant skillsets to cater to the growing need for data analysts.

About Kun Shan University

Kun Shan University was officially founded on April 29, 1965, known as Kun Shan Institute of Technology. Kun Shan University accommodated five colleges: The College of Engineering, The College of Business and Management, The College of Applied Human Ecology, The College of Creative Media, and The College of Information and Technology. Kun Shan University is a home for more than 14,000 undergraduates and graduate students. The University's excellent reputation draws students from 20 countries. Learn more about Kun Shan University at https://eng-www.ksu.edu.tw.

Kun Shan University contact:

Dr. Jer-Min Tsai
Dept. of Information and Communications
Kun Shan University
(886) 932-742-506



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