TIBCO and Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation Announce Enriched Collaboration

TIBCO Spotfire Will Be Used for Advanced Analytics Education and Research

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


10 September, 2019


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced an enhanced collaboration with Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU). In its mission to expand data analytics capabilities and knowledge of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, APU will include TIBCO Spotfire in its teaching and research efforts, educating students how to use connected intelligence insights for engineering and business decisions.

TIBCO and APU will engage undergraduate students of the School of Computing and Technology, as well as those in the Mechatronic Engineering program from the School of Engineering. Aiming to teach and carry out research for data analytics in a more visual manner for IoT applications, the organizations' objective is to equip students with key data skillsets essential for their future careers.

"We have seen strong growth in Malaysia's initiative to encourage the digital transformation of businesses," said Erich Gerber, senior vice president, APJ and EMEA, TIBCO. "This collaboration with APU will increase the students' awareness of how significant data analytics and IoT skills are in Malaysia. With the help of TIBCO Spotfire, we believe that we can support the strong demand for data analytics and IoT skills in the region."

APU students will train with TIBCO solutions to ensure that they have the competencies and skillsets required to meet industry needs in application and solution innovation. Additionally, APU and TIBCO will focus on IoT technologies to show the students real-life scenarios where industries can leverage data in real time to make informed decisions that improve business results.

"Digital technology is playing a major role in Malaysia's digital journey, but growth is held up by a wide gap in data and technology skills. Close collaboration between educational institutions and leaders in data analytics is essential in imparting expertise," said Prof. Dr. Ir. Ts Vinesh Thiruchelvam, deputy vice-chancellor and chief innovation officer, APU. "Together with TIBCO, APU will train and empower a pool of talented and skilled graduates in the data analytics space, in turn allowing businesses to change how customers experience a product or service."

These organizations aim to provide students with hands-on opportunities to practice concepts using selected TIBCO tools to deepen their knowledge of advanced data analytics. Students will be offered opportunities to learn through guest lectures, seminars, networking sessions, and relevant training modules with industry experts. To learn more about TIBCO's industry and higher education partnerships, please visit www.tibco.com.

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About Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)

APIIT Education Group has emerged over the years as one of Malaysia’s Largest Education Groups addressing all levels of Education. The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is amongst Malaysia’s Premier Private Universities, and is where a unique fusion of technology, innovation and creativity works effectively towards preparing graduates for significant roles in business and society globally. APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning University through its achievements in winning a host of prestigious awards at national and international levels, as well as an excellent track record in producing highly employable graduates who are able to immediately contribute to industry upon graduation.

Website: www.apu.edu.my


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