TIBCO Partners with Institut Teknologi Bandung to Ignite Data Talent Pool in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia


20 February, 2018


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced it plans to collaborate with the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to expand data analytics capabilities and knowledge in Indonesia. As part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), ITB and TIBCO propose to jointly engage students through workshops, internships, and other practice-based training to empower students with technological skills essential for their careers after graduation.

The planned collaboration between TIBCO and ITB is designed to support students from the School of Business and Management (SBM). Under the arrangement, the TIBCO™ Connected Intelligence platform of solutions will be available for all of ITB's SMB students. Those who select the elective will receive hands-on practice with TIBCO tools and support for various data analytic techniques to understand and predict customer behavior. SBM students will also be equipped with relevant data skillsets through guest lectures, seminars, networking sessions with experts in the data analytics field, and relevant trainings modules.

"Digital businesses gain a competitive edge with today's consumers when they are able to identify changes in customer behavior and make timely interventions or personalized offers at the right moment. To do so, businesses are using various data analytics and visualization tools to understand customers and predict their behavior. However, it's often difficult to visualize or apply theoretical concepts of data analytics in a classroom setting," said Erich Gerber, general manager, Asia Pacific and Japan, TIBCO. "Our collaboration with ITB will provide students the opportunity to apply these concepts in a practical manner. This will also strengthen their ability to explore new business models and deepen their understanding of the data analytics field, as well as the business world."

Indonesia's economy is growing rapidly, with a multiplying portion of the population entering the affluent consumer class each year. This transitioning consumer class is increasingly sophisticated in their spending habits and choices and, coupled with the burgeoning internet usage, are more connected than ever. This implies a huge, untapped potential for businesses to engage consumers through digital platforms to differentiate products and provide personalized customer experiences.

"Digital technology is playing a major role in Indonesia's economic development, but growth is hindered by a wide data and technology skills gap.1 Close collaboration between universities and companies in the industry is essential in imparting expertise," said Professor Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono, dean, SBM ITB. "Together with TIBCO, ITB will train and empower a pool of talented and skilled graduates in the data analytics space, in turn allowing Indonesian businesses to change how customers experience a product or service."

About School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB)

SBM ITB is the only school/faculty in ITB built on the humanities and management science. SBM ITB is developing itself to excel in education, to develop and to disseminate knowledge in the fields of business and management. The research activities focus on business cases and management practices of the leading successful companies in Indonesia so that the development of management will be relevant to the Indonesian context. Visit SBM ITB website for further details: www.sbm.itb.ac.id.


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