TIBCO LABS Promotes Collaborative Innovation with Customers and Partners

New Projects Focus on Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Next-Generation Knowledge Access

Las Vegas, NV


04 September, 2018


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced the creation of TIBCO LABS™, a collaborative program for TIBCO customers and partners to actively participate in TIBCO's technology innovation. Directed by TIBCO's Office of the CTO, TIBCO LABS facilitates the development of solutions for today's challenging problems, showcases new capabilities, and offers an early view into emerging technologies, including blockchain, AI, and machine learning.

"The launch of TIBCO LABS marks a new era of innovation at TIBCO," said Nelson Petracek, global chief technology officer, TIBCO. "With TIBCO LABS, we offer our customers and partners an active voice in cultivating the future of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. We're excited to collaborate with our broad ecosystem to build the next wave of relevant, valuable integration and analytics offerings."

Ideas for TIBCO LABS come from multiple sources, including TIBCO.next™, the internal ideation program meant to foster the conception of new technology solutions. TIBCO LABS evaluates ideas for potential development and subsequent release to customers and partners for collaboration.

Initial TIBCO LABS Projects include:

Project Cloud Conversations: Empowering users to ask questions and gain deeper knowledge from their data, Project Cloud Conversations delivers insights through conversations. The solution addresses the growing demand from businesses to discover insights from vast sets of data, allowing companies to develop new methods of exploring and interacting with data.

Project Dovetail: Developing blockchain solutions with today's technology is challenging, given the lack of tooling and standardization. Project Dovetail™ addresses these issues by providing a graphical interface for modeling smart contracts, making them easier to write, visualize, test, and audit, all without deep programming experience. Logic is abstracted from low-level code, and contracts can be deployed into different blockchain stacks with little or no change. On-chain and off-chain computation can become more seamless, time to market is improved, and the risk of technology lock-in is reduced. Project Dovetail makes your smart contracts smarter.

TIBCO Cloud My Partner App: Improving how organizations collaborate with business partners is the foundation of a strong ecosystem that fosters innovation. With TIBCO Cloud™ My Partner App, organizations can improve collaboration with their business partners, speed up the resolution of requests, and streamline interactions, all while enabling quick and effective decision-making.

TIBCO Cloud Risk Investigation App: Keeping trust and relationships in the digital economy requires new ways to exchange data and insights with customers, partners, and governing bodies. With TIBCO Cloud™ Risk Investigation App, companies can tap a comprehensive set of capabilities to improve risk management, speed up the investigation of suspicious transactions, and strengthen collaboration across the enterprise.

Organizations can also explore the first set of projects on the TIBCO LABS Community website here. Customers and partners who are interested in learning more about how they can collaborate with TIBCO LABS are invited to contact their TIBCO representative, or go here for more details.

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