TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition Unveils New Support for Cloud Foundry Platform

Expanded Partnership Furthers TIBCO’s Cloud-Native Offerings

Palo Alto, CA


18 April, 2018


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics today announced TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition has added support for Cloud Foundry Container Runtime and Pivotal Cloud Foundry® 2.0 and higher, allowing customers to leverage Kubernetes® on Cloud Foundry, along with the existing application runtime for cloud-native integration applications. Additionally, TIBCO announces support for Project Riff to run functions using flows built in Project Flogo®, TIBCO's open-source edge microservices solution. This will allow developers to deploy integration applications and services to Cloud Foundry ecosystem platforms such as Pivotal Function Services. Overall, this innovative work allows customers to leverage the best combination of tools to reach their business goals in a more efficient, effective manner.

"As integration remains a top priority for organizations, we're excited to extend our support of TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition for Cloud Foundry Container Runtime," said Nelson Petracek, global chief technology officer, TIBCO. "With this increased collaboration, customers can now fully leverage the multi-cloud capabilities provided by the Cloud Foundry platform, while being able to reuse the investments made in TIBCO's integration technology. This partnership provides customers a unique combination of leveraging best-in-class integration with event-driven microservices on the leading open-source, cloud-native platform."

TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition users can continue to build their integration applications and APIs in a visual manner and then choose to deploy them either as buildpacks or containers in Cloud Foundry, without any change to the designed application. In both modes, the applications will be a native participant to the capabilities provided by the underlying platform for governance, monitoring, logging, and management. This allows end users to connect their APIs and microservices in a way that avoids vendor lock-in, while providing flexibility to move applications between various cloud environments within Cloud Foundry.

"We're pleased with the opportunity to continue working with such an innovative organization,” said Abby Kearns, executive director, Cloud Foundry Foundation. "TIBCO and the Cloud Foundry Foundation have partnered since the initial launch of TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, providing highly scalable and enterprise-ready applications necessary for digital transformation. We're excited to see our collaboration grow as the market continues to evolve."

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