TIBCO and Amazon Web Services Break Performance Record

Amazon Web Services Enables TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer to Perform Over One Million Risk Calculations

Palo Alto, CA


09 May, 2018


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced the record-breaking results of its large-scale computational tests. The tests utilized both TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer® on Amazon Web Services (AWS), revealing an exceptional capacity to perform risk calculations across 1.3 million computer cores—a result never before recorded for DataSynapse GridServer®. GridServer® is an affordable solution that provides computation ability equivalent to some of the world's most powerful supercomputers.

The GridServer solution on AWS can actively allocate resources via the cloud, based on level of urgency. The process automatically detects when a computer's performance will slow down, then resources available on AWS will provide the necessary power to continue computations at peak available performance. GridServer on AWS decreases IT constraints and expands capabilities by delivering better advancements in time-to-results, resiliency, throughput, and time-to-deploy.

"Offering our customers the ability to leverage one of the most powerful supercomputers is a huge achievement," said Nelson Petracek, global chief technology officer, TIBCO. "With the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform of solutions, companies can build a system that automatically allocates cloud resources on demand. GridServer embeds an AWS architecture that is highly scalable, both in terms of speed and throughput, and is ideal for industries that require high-volume calculations, such as financial services, healthcare, and oil and gas."

By employing TIBCO GridServer on AWS, customers can take advantage of on-demand cloud computing with an almost infinite capacity for computation-intensive applications. For example, the GridServer software can turn risk reports for stock traders from a six to eight-hour process to a 15-minute intraday cycle, enabling traders to make more educated decisions.

The robust solution can also analyze large volumes of data in connection with risk, trading, financial models, and more, in preparation for the upcoming Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) requirements going into effect in 2019. TIBCO's GridServer product will supplement investment banks' capacity for the daily FRTB calculations, which will significantly increase the requirements for large-scale grid computing environments.

"AWS is proud to enable TIBCO to bring powerful data-processing capabilities to benefit customers across multiple industries," said Terry Wise, global vice president, channels and alliances, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "We're excited to see how customers take advantage of the cloud to enhance existing on-premises deployments and drive rapid analysis and decision-making."

Learn how to take advantage of cloud infrastructure with an infinite capacity to rapidly increase on-premises computing by reading this white paper.

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