TIBCO Makes Enterprise-Class Messaging Available to Everyone

TIBCO Introduces Enhanced Messaging and Community Editions of Popular Products

Palo Alto, CA


26 October, 2017


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, announced today its new offering, TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging, along with Community Editions for TIBCO FTL®, TIBCO eFTL™, and TIBCO ActiveSpaces®. Digital businesses demand faster performance, greater scalability, and deeper real-time insight, which requires applications to have instant access to data, regardless of whether the data is on the local system or distributed between applications. With these announcements, TIBCO makes enterprise-class in-memory data grid and high performance messaging tools more accessible to mainstream organizations, including midsize businesses, with little-to-no upfront investment.

TIBCO Cloud Messaging and Community Editions for TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL provide simple, yet robust, messaging platforms for users looking for high-performance messaging, or the transportation of messages through IT architecture. With the Community Editions, users can deploy up to 100 production instances of TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL or connections of up to 1,000 web or mobile devices free of charge. While TIBCO already makes it quick and easy to send messages with guaranteed delivery, end-to-end security, and fault-tolerant software, the cost of access is now significantly lower. Alternatively, TIBCO Cloud Messaging delivers a fully cloud-based approach to messaging for the secure, reliable exchange of data between applications that eases the setup and maintenance of a messaging infrastructure. To support different levels of usage, TIBCO Cloud Messaging offers straightforward pricing plans that allow TIBCO Cloud Messaging to grow along with application usage.

The Community Edition of TIBCO ActiveSpaces® provides a highly scalable, distributed, in-memory data grid for systems of record use cases. With this product, organizations can quickly create real-time, engaging customer applications, and developers gain access to the software for development, test, and even production environments. TIBCO ActiveSpaces® - Community Edition supports up to 25 nodes for free. The Community Editions of TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL offer an attractive alternative to open source options that allows users to start projects with zero upfront investments.

"TIBCO is changing its fundamental approach to the market with its in-memory data grid and messaging products to drive more innovation and digitalization for customers. These new offerings are simple and easy to use for anyone who needs an enterprise-class solution," said Denny Page, Chief Engineer, TIBCO. "Whether you're looking to install everything yourself with the Community Editions or have TIBCO run the messaging infrastructure for you in the cloud, we've made the process as quick and painless as possible. TIBCO remains dedicated to supporting customers as they shift operations to the cloud, enhancing their experience with the overall TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud."

The enhancements across these products showcase TIBCO's continued innovation to deliver solutions that enable users on their digital journeys. From new solutions to community editions, TIBCO is addressing a wide audience to encourage collaboration.

Learn more about TIBCO Cloud Messaging here, along with Community Editions of TIBCO ActiveSpaces, TIBCO FTL, and TIBCO eFTL.

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