Yilport Turkey Sails to an Era of Growth with TIBCO Software

Integration Solutions to Drive Next Phase of International Expansion for Turkey’s Leading Port Operator

Istanbul, Turkey


16 November, 2016


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics is supporting the strategic growth of Turkey's leading port terminal operator, Yilport Holding Inc., by simplifying and accelerating data integration. With its global presence, TIBCO has proven to be a natural choice of vendor to support Yilport's ambitious expansion plans in Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Malta, Norway, Peru, and Ecuador to bolster its existing portfolio spanning 21 terminals across eight countries, spanning four continents with Turkey as its home base.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BusinessWorks™ and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ have been chosen in partnership with Istanbul-based reseller and implementation partner, Infolitik Yazılım ve Bilisim Hizmetleri A.S., to connect the previously disparate applications and local data and automation systems, including ERP and CRM software, into a single platform.



The new TIBCO® platform, with enhanced consistency and connectivity, is set to be a game-changer for the business when acquiring new ports, a process previously hampered by disjointed and complex point-to-point integration connections which were hard to manage.

Core IT processes across the business' internal operations are simplified and optimized while bringing greater flexibility and efficiency to lower costs. Furthermore, with little to no programming required, the ease of use and accessibility enables internal IT teams across the business with limited resources to handle and implement the software effectively and drive the project.

Since entering the port operation and management in 2005 with a focus on high-tech logistics, Yilport has cemented its status as the only Turkish company to be listed among international port operators. Currently ranked 17th on the global terminal operators list, the company rides the wave of growth in the global port industry, which is moving into a new phase as Turkey seeks to position itself as a leading regional shipment logistics center. Yilport Holding is ambitious to be listed among top 10 international terminal operators by 2025.

Christian Blauert, Yilport Holding CEO, said: "Yilport Holding offers privilege to all of its customers, and makes exclusive service a standard. The company has an uncompromising view towards reaching the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This strategy is supported through integrated programs and our primary goal at Yilport is to reach this goal by streamlined processes, superior equipment, and state-of-the-art technologies. TIBCO's digital platform will boost our technology, and support us further in reaching our targets."

Muzaffer Yontem, Infolitik managing director said: "Enterprise software that lets the business extend its reach without excessive costs or complexity enables Yilport to drive flexible decision-making for not only sustaining their global presence but also providing business agility to keep on their global expansion policy."

Yontem added: "Now applications can be changed without being concerned by the point-to-point integrations and the technical difficulties that can arise, leading to faster implementation of new integration and easier maintenance of the software, in turn driving greater productivity, which lowers the total cost of ownership."

Steve Hurn, TIBCO's senior vice president, sales, EMEA, added: "This may be a traditional, on-premises solution, but you can't underestimate the extent of the transformation for Yilport Holding to go from point-to-point integration with manual coding and the subsequent need to keep redeveloping processes, to a completely streamlined environment. The consistency and cohesion now in place will see Yilport best equipped to capitalize on the opportunities around the global port sector and continue on its upward trajectory."

About YILPORT Holding

YILPORT Holding Inc. is the port management and logistics division of YILDIRIM Group, which entered port business in 2005. YILPORT was established in 2011 to combine port and container terminal operations of YILDIRIM Group under one roof. Today, YILPORT is the fastest growing international terminal operator in the world, with an ambition to enter the top 10 global terminal operators list by 2025. The terminal portfolio of YILPORT Holding consists of 21 terminals in total: 5 in Turkey, 7 in Portugal, 3 in Sweden, 2 in Spain, 1 in Malta, 1 in Norway, 1 in Peru, and 1 in Ecuador. www.yilport.com

About Infolitik

Infolitik Yazılım ve Bilisim Hizmetleri A.S is a dedicated TIBCO Reseller and implementation partner based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company focuses on business Integration an business analytics providing value added consultancy services in Turkish market. www.infolitik.com


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