TIBCO Solutions to "Interconnect Everything" in the Australian Enterprise Ecosystem

Sydney, Australia


09 August, 2016


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration and analytics, today announced its expanded efforts to aid the technological transformation of enterprise operations across the Australian market. As cloud computing adoption has dramatically increased, new sources of rich data proliferate throughout organisations, introducing both opportunities and challenges that require redefining customer relationships, business partnerships, and business models. TIBCO CEO Murray Rode is in Sydney this Tuesday to outline how to best integrate, interconnect, and leverage that data in the increasingly digital enterprise.

Rode is meeting with representatives from the media and executives from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to discuss TIBCO's strategy to Interconnect Everything, build out a data-savvy foundation within an organisation, and augment intelligence through the combination of smart visual analytics and real-time streaming data.

There has been a demand within companies like ASX for technologies that equip personnel to make better decisions when they matter most. In 2015, ASX selected the TIBCO® Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to provide the interface between each of its core business services. The API-based architecture provided by the TIBCO ESB platform allows ASX to streamline data flows without having to alter the underlying systems. "Many of our existing systems are proprietary and data is not handled in a standard way," said ASX chief information officer, Tim Thurman. "The TIBCO ESB platform provides us with a robust solution on which systems can communicate much more efficiently."

Vaz Balasingham, director, solutions consultants, Australia and New Zealand, TIBCO, said the company had been working with the ASX for more than five years and had deployed a portfolio of tools within the organisation. "Our experience in the financial services sector means we have a clear understanding of what a complex organisation such as ASX requires from its IT infrastructure," Balasingham said. "Working with the ASX IT team, we have been able to create a platform that supports its core business activities in addition to providing the foundation for future enhancements."

ASX has a number of projects under way and the majority of those involve integration with the TIBCO ESB platform. "Already, several core services are linked to the bus, and it has become the backbone of our entire IT infrastructure," said Thurman. "It underpins our core operations and ensures we can provide first-class customer service. Our technology transformation strategy continues and we look forward to working with TIBCO throughout this process."

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