TIBCO’s Mashery Enterprise Elevates API Platforms for Digital Business

Platform Covers Complete API Lifecycle with Full Range of Functionality, Including API Creation, Integration, and Management

Palo Alto, CA


20 July, 2016


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration and analytics, today announced its new TIBCO Mashery® Enterprise API platform for digital business initiatives. Designed for companies investing in digital business strategies, Mashery® Enterprise goes beyond traditional API management to cover the entire API lifecycle, allowing users to create, integrate, and manage APIs with a single offering. Mashery Enterprise is available now as a SaaS subscription.



"API usage is evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated; hence the need to evolve the API management platform to offer all necessary capabilities such as API creation, integration, and management, within a single cloud-based service," said Matt Quinn executive vice president, products & technology, and chief technology officer, TIBCO. "To deliver the diverse and growing needs of digital business, an API management platform now needs to provide capabilities, such as advanced routing and transformation, that have historically been the domain of API development and integration middleware. Mashery Enterprise brings these capabilities together to provide a single, modern API platform."



The Mashery Enterprise platform offers a simple yet powerful solution that allows users to easily create, scale, monitor, and distribute their APIs. It empowers users to expose data and services for sharing with developers to expand market reach and generate new revenue streams. Mashery Enterprise users can build and test APIs, define run-time governance policies, migrate APIs between environments, and monitor and report on API usage. Key benefits of Mashery Enterprise include:

  • One cloud-based solution that allows you to discover, create, publish, and secure APIs;
  • Supports core API integration needs such as microservices, API choreography, routing, and transformation functionality.
  • Full API-based access to core business applications, data, and existing SOA assets;
  • Single pane of glass for all APIs and their interactions, bridging any gaps between corporate and line-of-business IT groups; and
  • Sophisticated API design features support multichannel and API-based digital initiatives.

"It's our goal to provide quality solutions that surpass our customers’ expectations and help them achieve their specific goals quickly and efficiently. When it comes to APIs, our team is more than equipped to meet this challenge," Quinn added. "TIBCO Mashery Enterprise extends the traditional definition of API management, with bolstered capabilities supporting an API platform for the entire API lifecycle. We're happy to announce this new offering and continue working to raise the industry standard for API platforms."

Rob Zazueta, director of digital strategy, TIBCO, will be speaking at the All About The API conference in Las Vegas today. Attend his 11:00 AM PT keynote to learn more about Mashery Enterprise and TIBCO's API solutions.

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