TIBCO Jaspersoft for Docker Offering Enables Agile Development and DevOps Excellence

Containerized Embedded Analytics Solution Delivers Increased Flexibility and Portability as well as Continuous Integration

Palo Alto, CA


29 November, 2016


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API Management, and analytics, today announced the availability of TIBCO Jaspersoft® for Docker, its fully customizable containerization solution for TIBCO Jaspersoft® using the Docker® Compose tool. The solution allows users to deploy Jaspersoft® software along with their stacks to achieve DevOps flexibility and control, while also enabling portability across platforms and release systems.



"The ongoing shift to containerization in recent years underlines the need companies have for flexible deployment platforms," said Mark Palmer, SVP and general manager of analytics engineering, TIBCO. "We are proud to be one of the first embedded analytics vendors to embrace Docker Compose, a leader in containerization technology for modern applications."



Jaspersoft® for Docker enables independent software vendors (ISV) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies to quickly build and deploy superior applications. The offering provides users with agility for architecting their solutions using containers and the ability to create repeatable processes for enhanced control. Jaspersoft for Docker also gives developers the means to generate reports and dashboards on production environment replicas, reducing development time and errors.

"Our team employs a microservices-based architecture where Jaspersoft is used for serving reports to our product," said Cédric Deniau, chief technology officer, Crealytics GmbH. "Jaspersoft for Docker fits perfectly as the 'reporting service' in our landscape, where reports are served through the visualize.js API. Using Docker containers has created a great advantage as our DevOps team can focus on keeping the services alive while our data engineers focus on new application development."

TIBCO's offerings on the Docker platform are well suited for DevOps teams, software architects, and developers. With the backing of its other containerized products, TIBCO creates the only fully containerized data stacks that empower customers to interconnect everything and augment intelligence for their companies and products.

To register for a webinar tutorial on TIBCO Jaspersoft for Docker, go to www.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-for-docker. For more information on Jaspersoft, visit www.jaspersoft.com.

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