TIBCO Enables High-Performance Smart Home for digitalSTROM Users

Event-Driven Internet of Things Platform Ensures Reliable Execution of Cloud-Based, Value-Add Services

Palo Alto, CA


21 May, 2015


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, has partnered with digitalSTROM to provide reliable high-speed processes in connected homes. digitalSTROM is a provider of smart home solutions, integrating both IP- and non IP-based devices with intelligent third-party services all on one platform. The joint solution combines the TIBCO Fast Data platform with digitalSTROM’s smart home technology.



To ensure both scalability within a rapidly growing market segment, as well as fast and easy integration of cloud-based, value-add services, digitalSTROM turned to TIBCO. With its high-performance event-driven platform, intelligent process modeling, and analytics capabilities, TIBCO ensures that complex services for the digitalSTROM smart home respond quickly to situational changes, like a drop in outside temperature. This ability has become ever more important as the number of households leveraging highly personalized smart home applications increases.



digitalSTROM links all electric household appliances using the home's existing electrical wires, integrating broadband equipment, and ensuring that they work together in an intelligent way. The digitalSTROM terminal block, with an integrated high-voltage chip, turns ordinary electric appliances into smart devices capable of communicating with each other and having their own intelligence.

The German-Swiss company is also providing a true ecosystem for smart living—a platform enabling all kinds of services around a household. Working in the background, the TIBCO platform ensures reliable execution and prioritization of the rules and processes connected with the various services. The unified, flexible, and secure TIBCO platform—with its in-memory data grid—combined with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™, and TIBCO BusinessEvents® for processing all events, is ideally suited for this kind of application.

Additionally, open interfaces make it possible to easily integrate a wide range of products and services, in turn creating new applications for the smart home. In order to enable fast integration, digitalSTROM leverages TIBCO® API Exchange. A graphical, zero-code design interface makes it easy to integrate applications once and reuse these as required.

"The fast-growing, smart living sector provides a lot of opportunity for new business models. This is the perfect time for companies to expand into this market and to be part of the digitalSTROM ecosystem," said Martin Vesper, chief executive officer, digitalSTROM AG. "Our joint open-platform approach with TIBCO is ideally suited to integrate more and more services, making a smart home even smarter over time. By virtue of the new partnership, we can ensure that every single digitalSTROM household benefits from just the right interplay of services, with a highly resilient system enabling people's needs to be met quickly and reliably."

"The Internet of Things in smart home systems necessitates quicker delivery of data, enabling instantaneous home management," said Maurizio Canton, EMEA chief technology officer, TIBCO. "digitalSTROM relies on TIBCO's smart infrastructure to integrate data from on-premises systems with data hosted in the cloud to deliver actionable data whenever it is needed."

For more information visit www.digitalstrom.com or www.tibco.com/integration.

About digitalSTROM:

digitalSTROM is the solution for smart living. The smart home technology represents a digital lifestyle and a comprehensive, trendsetting connectivity concept. digitalSTROM fits all electric appliances in the house with smart chips and links them with each other and the internet, creating an infrastructure that can integrate any applications, products and services using open interfaces. Like the world of smartphones and app stores, digitalSTROM provides an open platform that gives free creative reign to smart living solutions. In addition to applications that enhance living comfort, the platform also harbors completely new marketing opportunities for product and service providers. The German-Swiss company with headquarters in Zurich-Schlieren (Switzerland) markets its innovative product for smart living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other European countries. digitalSTROM is managed by CEO Martin Vesper.

More information is available at www.digitalstrom.com, Twitter (www.twitter.com/digitalSTROM) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/digitalSTROMtv).


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