TIBCO Engage Delivers New TIBCO EngagementFlows Capability, Allowing Marketers to Integrate Geolocation with Other Customer Data to Drive Personalized, Real-Time Interactions

TIBCO Engage Powers Proximity Interactions with Customers by Tapping Into Location-Aware Technology from Gimbal

TIBCO NOW, San Francisco, CA


04 November, 2014


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX), a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, today announced TIBCO EngagementFlows™, a new capability within TIBCO Engage™ that gives marketers the ability to deliver personalized content, offers and messages based on recent customer activity, historical interactions, inventory and external data. Additionally, TIBCO Engage now enables businesses to leverage geolocation and beacon technology through a partnership with Gimbal, the leader in location and proximity mobile engagement.

With today’s announcement, marketers can add geolocation and mobile-based triggers in TIBCO EngagementFlows, ensuring that they’re capturing and acting on all relevant customer activities both online and off. TIBCO EngagementFlows gives marketers the opportunity to more precisely connect with customers based on triggers including social activity, customer behavior data and geolocation. The result is personalized, in-the-moment interaction that enhances customer relationships, strengthens brand advocacy and increases revenue.

“Gimbal’s location-aware technology combined with TIBCO Engage will provide even more precise and relevant location-based mobile engagement,” said Kevin Hunter, chief operating officer, Gimbal. “Gimbal’s expertise in macro- and micro-location, combined with TIBCO’s industry-leading software will give marketers endless opportunities to interact with customers based on location and proximity triggers.”

“Businesses and marketers are still trying to unlock the massive value that lives in the consumer’s favorite channel—mobile. We built TIBCO Engage and have now expanded its capabilities with TIBCO EngagementFlows to help marketers understand and personally communicate with their customers, wherever they are,” said Wen Miao, senior vice president, TIBCO. “We also recognize the role of geolocation and beacon technology as a means of bridging digital and real-world interactions and are happy to partner with Gimbal to incorporate their location-aware technology into our offerings.”

The TIBCO Engage geolocation integration will be available to businesses currently utilizing Gimbal’s Bluetooth Smart beacons and geofencing capabilities. TIBCO EngagementFlows is now available for all TIBCO Engage customers. For more information, visit engage.tibco.com.


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About Gimbal, Inc.

Gimbal, Inc. is connecting brands, venues, events and retailers with their customers in exciting new ways by providing leading-edge mobile technologies and solutions.  With advanced geofencing, the world's largest deployment of industry-leading Bluetooth Smart beacons, location-based engagement, analytics, unmatched security features and privacy controls, the Gimbal platform helps drive mobile app engagement and loyalty. Visit www.gimbal.com for more information.


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