TIBCO Enables Australian Companies to Move Collaboration to the Cloud

HLB Mann Judd and Compton Green Select tibbr as Their Employee Collaboration Platform

Sydney, Australia


05 February, 2014


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that Australian-based accounting group HLB Mann Judd and Australian real estate agency Compton Green have deployed tibbr® to streamline internal communications, easily tap into coworkers' expertise and better share information across disparate business lines as both companies experience rapid growth. tibbr enabled HLB Mann Judd and Compton Green to move away from legacy technologies to a collaborative, secure cloud platform where employees have a single place for their work activities.

As a leading mid-tier accounting firm in Australasia, HLB Mann Judd was seeking a solution to increase collegiality across their multiple business lines by moving away from email and multiple intranets to standardize on a single, company-wide platform for collaboration. Alongside their expansion, HLB Mann Judd was undergoing a strategic external branding exercise, requiring transparency on the initiative across the employee base. tibbr was selected because it enabled users to share knowledge and files easily regardless of location or device; it could be customized to match the HLB brand look and feel; and lastly due to the trusted advisor role that TIBCO established with key stakeholders in the project.

"As we continue to expand, we needed to align strategic planning and external branding, so we were in search of a tool to enable collaboration and better communication across our association," said Jacqui Walford, director of marketing and business development, HLB Mann Judd. "With tibbr, we now have a space for continuous and organized knowledge sharing, and more immediate and easy access to information and documents, creating a culture transparency that wasn't possible before."

Compton Green is the largest independent real estate agency in western Melbourne. With a growing workforce of young sales associates who often work remotely in the field, it needed a modern and very simple way to more efficiently execute on projects and collaborate on activities surrounding the marketing and sale of properties. Compton Green selected tibbr for its intuitive mobile applications and subject-based approach, which ensures the right information, is delivered to the right person at the right time

"We're a fast-growing business with a highly expanding mobile workforce, and we needed a tool that would connect our team and help foster real-time conversations despite where our co-workers may be," said Adrian Butera, director, Compton Green. "tibbr provides a single destination for our team to carry out daily work activities and collaborate on them with each other."

"Maintaining a collaborative and productive work environment at a period of rapid growth can be challenging," said Ram Menon, president, social computing, TIBCO. "tibbr is a flexible platform that will enable both HLB Mann Judd and Compton Green to bring together vital information at their fingertips, ultimately empowering people to work in a more effective way."

About tibbr

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