TIBCO Announces its New Marketing Application Built to Optimize Consumer Engagement

TIBCO Engage Delivers Real-Time Interaction and Customer Loyalty Management

Palo Alto, CA


08 September, 2014


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced TIBCO Engage™, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketing application that enables businesses to interpret and motivate consumer behavior in real time, through personalized experiences across any channel. TIBCO Engage harnesses the Fast Data platform and leading integration technology of TIBCO, connecting data from existing marketing, sales, and external communications channels to a behavioral engine that develops a deep understanding of individual consumer behaviors and motivations. Businesses can instantly apply these newfound insights to drive proactive and personalized consumer experiences.



"We look to actively captivate our best customers with the most relevant content and story-telling. TIBCO helps us to more effectively understand our customers by activity so we can talk about running to runners, skiing to skiers and climbing to climbers," said Aaron Carpenter, vice president, marketing, The North Face. "Using TIBCO technology has helped us gain significant understanding of our customers to take those relationships to the next level. We are excited to use the advanced analytics options in the new TIBCO Engage application."



"Every company has a customer and it’s no longer sufficient to have only a transactional relationship with that customer," said Wen Miao, senior vice president, TIBCO. "TIBCO Engage will empower marketers to move away from generic batch- and blast-marketing to personalized brand experiences across virtually any channel. We believe TIBCO Engage will become the essential real-time marketing application for every company to build a passionate and motivated customer base."

Built on TIBCO’s Fast Data platform, TIBCO Engage can quickly scale and be implemented to enable businesses the ability to process data in real time to overcome the increasingly complex challenges of understanding, personally interacting with and retaining customers in today’s world. Key components Include:

  • Connectors: Connect to relevant sales, marketing and communication channels to capture data and push out messages, offers and content.
  • Behavioral Engine: Blends streams of historical and real-time data in order to predict customer interests, spot risks, and deliver actionable recommendations.
  • Real Time Interaction: With insights feeding in from the behavioral engine, marketers can implement personalized interactions across any channel, whether with content, inventory or offers.
  • Loyalty Management: A full-service loyalty program management capability, includ-ing points management, rewards catalog and reporting.
  • Social Collaboration: A social layer that permeates the platform to aid internal team communication, collaboration and workflow.
  • Communities: Branded private communities to develop deeper relationships with customers through a fully owned channel.

"In today’s world, creating uniquely tailored customer experiences is the key to creating business value and differentiation, and requires companies to shift from siloed transactions to incremental activities centered on context, relevancy and timeliness," said Ray Wang, principal analyst, founder and chairman, Constellation Research, Inc. “This shift will drive demand for new solutions capable of turning massive amounts of data into insights that bring to life these real-time, personalized experiences. We are moving from real time to right time very quickly.”

TIBCO Engage builds on the loyalty management expertise of TIBCO Loyalty Lab, which has worked with some of the world’s most respected and innovative brands across multiple industries. To learn more about how TIBCO Engage can impact your business marketing, please visit  http://engage.tibco.com.


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