TIBCO Announces ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1 at the Gartner Business Process Management Summit

Gartner Business Process Management Summit, Las Vegas, NV


10 December, 2014


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, today announced the availability of TIBCO BPM Enterprise 3.1. ActiveMatrix® BPM 3.1 introduces expanded BPM Analytics with TIBCO JasperReports® for ActiveMatrix® BPM to provide out-of-the-box and self-service reporting dashboards, enhanced case management capabilities to support the rapid adaptation of processes and applications to quickly respond to business needs, and various ease-of-use capabilities.

“To stay competitive in today’s era of unprecedented change and data availability, organizations need to make large amounts of complex data consumable and provide the ability to act on what is happening right now. This change will require organizations to do more than just automate what they have always been doing,” said Rachel Brennan, director, business process management product marketing, TIBCO. “ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1 provides flexible processes that can react to the right business events in real time. Rather than follow a prescriptive predesigned path, business processes can be proactively designed to change and enable people and systems to compose the best possible process on-the-fly for the situation and information at hand.”



Key new capabilities introduced in ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1:

  • Enhanced Case Management: ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1 includes new features and capabilities to support the different styles of case management: Case States and Actions to provide context and agility to data-centric case management solutions; Ad Hoc Activities for ability to adjust processes on the spot without introducing complexity or fragility; and Case Folders and Document Operations for extending business objects with associated documents or media. 
  •  Expanded BPM Analytics: ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1 introduces JasperReports® for ActiveMatrix BPM to provide out-of-the-box adaptable dashboards and self-service reporting for all styles of business processes and their ever-changing data.
  • Ease of Consumption and Use: ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1 includes new features and capabilities to increase the ease of use and consumption for both IT and business users. The new self-service reporting and enhanced case management capabilities provide business agility and promote business independence from IT. At the same time, IT users and process designers can now utilize a range of more powerful tools: Live Development to allow for iterative design and testing without rebuilding or redeploying; automated TIBCO iProcess® to ActiveMatrix BPM Model Conversion to significantly accelerate the transformation of legacy processes to TIBCO’s flagship business process platform; and lightweight Developer Installations to reduce the overall installation requirements and footprint to utilized commodity desktop hardware. 

If you’re attending the Gartner BPM Summit in Las Vegas, visit TIBCO at Booth #308 in the Solutions Showcase to see live demonstrations or join TIBCO in the Augustus V ballroom at Caesars Palace, Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 9:45 AM to hear Nicolas Marzin, head of TIBCO’s business process management field team, talk on “TIBCO: Set Your Course for Change with Real-Time Analytics and Insights.”

TIBCO BPM Enterprise 3.1 is now generally available. For more information, visit http://www.tibco.com/bpm.

About Gartner Business Process Management Summit 

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