Tampa Bay Lightning Implements TIBCO Spotfire® as Innovative Tool for Data-Driven Organization

Palo Alto, CA


25 March, 2014


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX), the provider of TIBCO Spotfire®, a leading analytics and data discovery platform, today announced that the Tampa Bay Lightning ice hockey team has adopted TIBCO Spotfire® as its data analytics tool as it continues its journey as a data-driven organization.

TIBCO Spotfire, together with Syntelli Solutions Inc., was chosen over other analytics tools for its ease of use, ability to analyze large amounts of disparate data and its competitive pricing. Spotfire® will allow the Tampa Bay Lightning to bring data into the forefront, and from different sources, such as point-of-sale for retail, ticket sales and admissions into a single analytics platform and use that valuable data to share insights in a seamless manner across the organization.

"We are extremely excited by the Tampa Bay Lightning's use of Spotfire," said Wen Miao, vice president, client technical services, TIBCO. "They are an example of a sports team that recognizes the value of structured, accessible and centralized data."

"Spotfire will elevate our team's efficiency and effectiveness in making data-based decisions that impact our overall performance and ability to provide value to our fans," added Rob Canton, executive vice president, finance & strategic planning, Tampa Bay Lightning.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with such a forward-thinking sports organization as the Tampa Bay Lightning," said Rishi Bhatnagar, chief executive officer, Syntelli Solutions. "With the sports industry being so dynamic and competitive, giving value to fans is on top of the agenda for all teams. With the Spotfire analytics platform, the Lightning is able to more effectively access ticketing, food & beverage, and retail data and do deeper geo-analytics with advanced mapping in Spotfire 6.0. Having a predictive and proactive approach to the game and fans is what will differentiate Lightning from other teams."

For more information on this relationship and TIBCO Software Inc., please visit www.tibco.com.

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