Kony, INC. Selects TIBCO Jaspersoft for Cloud-Based Analytics and Reporting

Leading Enterprise Mobility Vendor Adopts Cloud Business Intelligence From Jaspersoft, Powered by Amazon Redshift

Palo Alto, CA


01 July, 2014


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that Kony, Inc., a leading enterprise mobility company, is using TIBCO Jaspersoft® for Amazon Web Services to achieve embedded analytics within its mobile platform. Jaspersoft®, the "Intelligence Inside" applications and business processes, is used by Kony and its customers to monitor, report, and analyze the deployment of mobile applications. With Jaspersoft, Kony has been able to deploy mobile analytics offerings in weeks instead of months, and significantly increase time to value.

Kony has a long-established history of enabling large enterprises to define, design, develop, test, deploy, and manage multi-channel applications within a unified product set. Kony chose Jaspersoft to deliver the highest quality business intelligence services that top enterprises need to execute their mission critical applications. The Jaspersoft software enabled Kony to complete the initial rollout of its mobile analytics offering within four weeks compared to alternate solutions evaluated that were estimated to take three months. Subsequent releases provide new reports and functionality in five days, compared to four weeks required by other solutions.

"We initially considered developing our reporting capabilities in-house, but it ultimately became burdensome to maintain, and that approach could only take us so far in terms of features and time to value," said Matthew Terry, vice president, product management, Kony, Inc. "Jaspersoft enabled us to deliver high-quality reporting and analytics within our multi-channel application development platform, while easily integrating the output within our own look and feel."

By deploying the Jaspersoft BI capabilities on Amazon Web Services in conjunction with the Amazon Redshift data warehousing solution, Kony eliminated the need for in-house infrastructure. Kony also benefitted from the strong RESTful software interfaces in Jaspersoft, which enabled tight integration into their existing systems allowing easier data analysis and faster report building.

"Crucially, the Jaspersoft RESTful integration was as easy and powerful as advertised. It provided both the rapid data analysis and the rich presentation layer flexibility our enterprise customers expect," said Terry. "Many times, when we integrate with analytical RESTful services, they only provide the raw data. With Jaspersoft, the service also provided interactive presentation artifacts we could directly reuse within our own application. This enabled us to maintain a unified look and feel for our customers and avoid having to rebuild the reporting presentation layer."

"Kony required a highly flexible business intelligence solution for their customers to easily analyze data from their mobile and desktop applications, and generate standard and custom reports faster than in-house deployment or other software products," said Karl Van den Bergh, senior vice president, products and customer success, TIBCO Jaspersoft. "With Jaspersoft, Kony benefits from a powerful and responsive solution that can easily integrate with their existing applications, all while enjoying a cost-effective model that fits their needs."

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