TIBCO Software Announces Strategic Partnership with University of Chicago Medicine

Palo Alto, Calif.


10 January, 2013


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced a new partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine, one of the premier academic medical centers in the country. In support of the institution's missions, this partnership will draw attention to differentiating capabilities associated with the capture, delivery, and real-time use of clinical information and information technology.

Utilizing existing assets, the integration of TIBCO's event-driven healthcare software platform at the University of Chicago Medicine will yield ongoing healthcare innovations. The institution initially will modernize its IT infrastructure to ensure accurate, compliant delivery of HL7 messaging. Then the software platform will be leveraged to extend the power of event processing across its various clinical environments.

"The University of Chicago Medicine is continually advancing medical care and seeking new ways to improve the health of its patients," said Eric Yablonka, VP and Chief Information Officer, the University of Chicago Medicine. "We recognized the need to speed up progress to continue to improve patient care and service to our researchers using event-enabled solutions. We are pleased that TIBCO is aligned with and assisting us in achieving our goals."

"There is something special happening in terms of innovation and leadership at the University of Chicago Medicine," said Ted DellaVecchia, Chief Healthcare Strategist, TIBCO. "They have achieved a unique balance of applied information technology with an unwavering focus on clinical delivery and influence on medical outcomes. Together, our organizations have the opportunity to generate a catalyst of positive change for the healthcare industry."

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