TIBCO Operationalizes Big Data to Unlock Business Value

TIBCO Enables Customers to Make Big Data Operational and Contextual to their Business Needs

TUCON, Las Vegas, NV.


15 October, 2013


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced a big data architecture that addresses the fundamental need for today's enterprises to operationalize big data with the latest advancements in software technology. TIBCO's platform is setting the stage for a new wave in technology architecture that specifically addresses big data and the need for enterprises to process this data in the context of their business.

According to Gartner's April 2013 research titled, "Big Data Opportunities, New Answers and New Questions" by Svetlana Sicular, "Data liberation leads to new technologies and new approaches to data, which open up new business scenarios by extracting insights for decision-making and operational efficiency that were not previously available. Organizations must recognize that technology is their business advantage and must look for opportunities sustained by big data."

"Historically big data has not focused on the operational outcomes that can greatly improve an organization's competitive landscape," said chief technology officer, TIBCO, Matt Quinn. "At TIBCO our focus is on making it as seamless and as efficient as possible for customers to access all their data – at rest and in-motion, giving them the power to quickly use that data to identify and address business problems and opportunities in the moment."

The products at the core of TIBCO's big data architecture include:

  • TIBCO Spotfire 6.0: Offers enterprise users unrivalled speed-to-value through automation, contextualization and expanded deployment opportunities in the cloud. A significant enhancement available with Spotfire 6.0 is TIBCO Spotfire® Consumer, which presents up-to-date key performance indicators on a comprehensive range of mobile devices supporting capabilities such as offline KPI monitoring, contextual drill down and social collaboration. Additionally, Spotfire 6.0 includes, TIBCO Spotfire® Event Analytics, a new product that allows enterprises to automate the tracking and identification of new trends or outliers in business data, as they are generated. Spotfire 6.0 also allows for unprecedented speed and ease-of-use in visualizing, exploring, and analyzing data in the context of geographic information and maps. Users are able to expand situational understanding through the use of multi-layered maps, automatic geo-coding, and data overlay.
  • TIBCO StreamBase 7.3.7: Enables organizations to build, test and deploy real-time applications for streaming big data. Big data can be processed in real time to provide an event-based alternative to batch-centric big data architectures.
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for Big Data 1.0: Makes big data more actionable by providing enterprises with the ability to access any information that is integration-ready while automating the production of insights.
  • TIBCO ActiveSpaces 2.2: TIBCO's distributed, in-memory grid supports large, event-driven data sets and applications to enable users to off load transaction-heavy systems and allows developers to concentrate on business logic rather than the complexities of developing distributed fault tolerance.
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents® 5.1.2: A complex event processing (CEP) solution that abstracts and correlates meaningful business information from the events and data circulating through your information systems. By detecting patterns within the real-time flow of events, it can help you detect and understand unusual activity, as well as recognize trends, opportunities, and problems.

TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) is a provider of infrastructure software for companies to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments. Whether it's optimizing claims, processing trades, cross-selling products based on real-time customer behavior, or averting a crisis before it happens, TIBCO provides companies the Two-Second Advantage® – the ability to capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage. More than 4,000 customers worldwide rely on TIBCO to manage information, decisions, processes and applications in real time. Learn more at www.tibco.com.

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