TIBCO Expands Range of Integration Approaches - Enables Business of All Sizes to Integrate Information for Greater Business Advantage

Enhancement to ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Delivers Cloud and Big Data Connectivity for Enterprise Integration Platforms; ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Express Broadens the Spectrum of Integration Options for Web and Mobile App

Las Vegas, NV


18 October, 2013


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced a range of new approaches to integration for small and large businesses for its flagship product TIBCO ActiveMatrix Business Works™ for enterprise users, in addition to the announcement of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Express for web and mobile integration projects and Project Austin, a cloud-based integration application for non-technical business users.

"The rise in the need for integration services is increasing and TIBCO has expanded our integration portfolio to allow major technology shifts and different consumption model upgrades like pay-as-you –go iPaaS," said Matt Quinn, chief technical officer, TIBCO. "Web and mobile projects are looking to cost-effectively integrate increasing amounts of data coming from both external and internal sources and while still providing a rewarding user experience. ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Express addresses the needs of developers of web and mobile projects, and ensures these projects will get much faster to results, with much lower TCO."

ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ is currently used by thousands of companies worldwide and is a leader in the enterprise integration market. In 2013 Gartner positioned TIBCO amongst the leaders in its Magic Quadrant.

"ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Express extends the ease of use that is a trademark of TIBCO integration solutions and is readily accessible to developers, offering standards out of the box, openness and rapid productivity. The release of the Express edition recognizes that web and mobile projects in organizations of all sizes require a different approach to integration. IT budget funds are allocated to web and mobile projects to quickly deliver value, and ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Express will shorten this time to value. We are essentially putting powerful TIBCO technologies into the hands of everyone," said Mr. Quinn.

According to a November 2012 Gartner report titled, "Predicts 2013: Application Integration" by Benoit J. Lheureux, Massimo Pezzini, Jess Thompson, Ross Altman, Daniel Sholler, W. Roy Schulte, Paolo Malinverno, and Eric Knipp, "By 2016, the integration of data on mobile devices will represent 20 percent of integration spending."

"Project Austin is a stand-alone cloud service that represents yet another approach to integration from TIBCO and is aimed at business users. Departments like Human Resources are in many instances still processing critical data from one application to the other using spreadsheets. They have an integration need that Project Austin addresses. The cloud service empowers these non-technical business users to share information between their applications. Business users can define the logic once, test, and then automate the flow of information across different third-party applications. If IT wants to be involved in creating a custom integration, there is the ability to get them involved. The point is to allow the people that understand the data to be much more proactive, autonomous and effective," said Mr. Quinn.

The products and projects at the core of TIBCO's integration approaches include:

  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for Big Data: This plug-in allows the industry-leading enterprise integration platform to make Hadoop™ environments more actionable by providing the ability to integrate HDFS files and automate Pig™, Hive™, and many other jobs.
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Express: A developer focused integration platform that provides real-time integration and orchestration for all types of applications used by SMBs. Design is done graphically in an Eclipse based environment; REST support to quickly onboard new SaaS or data from a social network or build an API; lowest TCO, new or updated integration processes can be put in production in just minutes.
  • Project Austin: A forthcoming, standalone cloud-based service for business users to share information between their cloud-based business applications without support from IT. Users define the logic once, test, and then automate the integration of information across different applications both on the cloud and on-premise.


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