TIBCO Delivers Cutting-Edge Predictive Analytics for All, with Complimentary Software and Powerful Online Resource

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R and TERR Community Help Data Scientists Drive Predictive Analytics and "R" to the Enterprise

Palo Alto, Calif.


14 May, 2013


To help businesses use predictive analytics to improve decision-making across the enterprise, TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced the availability of free software and a rich community site. These resources are aimed at R developers tasked with expanding the use of predictive analytics within major enterprises. TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R Developers Edition is a free version of the TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R engine that makes its power available to the entire Open Source R community. The associated TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) Community Site is an important resource that provides enterprise developers with community-based technical support and a peer forum to help them build and deploy best practice analytics for their organization.

Although commonly referred to as the default programming language of statistics, R has never achieved mainstream acceptance in the enterprise. R was not built for enterprise usage and integration, but began as an academic tool for research and teaching. Moreover, while the R language is known for its low cost of entry, it can be costly to maintain due to version incompatibilities and the lack of enterprise-level technical support. With TERR, TIBCO makes the R language enterprise-ready.

"The open-source R language provides great value for statisticians, but the enterprises in which they work have struggled to extend that value beyond those individual statisticians. At the same time, predictive analytics is gaining traction for business decision-making," said Lou Bajuk-Yorgan, senior director of product management for TIBCO Spotfire. "Our TERR initiative is focused on bringing the value of R to enterprises, and helping all enterprise users interested in leveraging predictive analytics tools for better decision-making. Users will notice increased performance, scalability, enterprise support and system-wide integration never before seen for the R language."

Quickly Deploy Powerful, Consistent Analytics Across the Enterprise

TERR, announced last September as a part of TIBCO Spotfire® Professional 5.0, combines scalability and stability with the agility of R, through a unique, enterprise-quality runtime for the R language. With the release of the free TERR Developer Edition, TIBCO aims to provide R statisticians with a powerful platform for the development and testing of their R analytics, which can then be deployed and integrated using commercial versions of TERR, without wasting time and effort re-implementing in a different language--and enabling a far more agile response to emerging opportunities and threats.

"Increasingly, we hear from customers that the ground work and innovation of modern statistics is happening in the R language," said Bajuk-Yorgan. "Yet most statisticians are doubling or tripling their work by having to re-code and re-evaluate their work in other languages prior to moving it into production. What we've done is build a completely new R-compatible engine with a brand new architecture, creating a more scalable, stable and integrated experience that enables the rapid iteration of prototyping to production."

"The integration of Paragon's platform with the TERR engine will enable drug licensing decision makers to query internal and external data simultaneously, driving the right information into the decision process to rapidly determine whether or not to pursue or abandon an opportunity," said John D'Antonio, director life sciences advisory services, Paragon. "This can reduce the time to market for successful drugs by months or even years, which is paramount to life sciences organizations."

Bringing the Agility of R to Enterprise Applications

TERR was developed by TIBCO from the ground up based on the company's history and expertise with S+®. It allows programmers and data scientists writing R scripts to continue developing code in R, and then directly deploy the code on TERR. Researchers can then integrate their analytics into other TIBCO products such as Spotfire® for advanced data visualization and predictive modeling, or TIBCO BusinessEvents™ for complex event processing. The result gives data scientists a rapidly iterated prototype that can be put into production without the need for recoding/retesting, effortlessly integrating predictive analytics consistently across the whole organization.

"Historically, many customers have been reticent to adopt open source solutions without enterprise-grade support. What TIBCO has done is bring R closer to enterprise acceptance by building a much more efficient, R-compatible engine, cutting out steps in the programming process by speaking a language that's already being spoken, but not leveraged," said Imran Hussain, managing consultant, Agilexi. "By incorporating the R language into the TIBCO family of products, TIBCO is making a major statement about the future of predictive analytics and R, for both the individual researcher and the enterprise user."

"TIBCO's Enterprise R predictive analytics capabilities are a tremendous differentiator for TIBCO Spotfire," commented Ali Riaz, president & CEO of Attivio. "Combined with our ability to bring new sources of information into customers' analytic environments, together TIBCO Spotfire and Attivio are able to deliver the game-changing insights that companies across industries are clamoring for."

Developers who download TERR Developer Edition will receive a perpetual license for free, non-production use, and can receive ongoing support through the TIBCOmmunity™. TERR Developer Edition is available now.

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