tibbr Launches the First Integrated Meetings Experience for Enterprise Social Networking

tibbr Meetings lets people plan, manage or instantly start a live meeting across Cisco WebEx, Skype or Google Hangouts video chat from within tibbr in a single seamless experience

Munich, Germany


12 June, 2013


TIBCO Software Inc. (Nasdaq: TIBX) today announced tibbr Meetings, the industry's first solution to integrate with major web conferencing and online meeting apps to create one easy, seamless experience, including Cisco WebEx, Skype and Google Hangouts video chat. The announcement builds on TIBCO's vision for becoming the social computing platform for business and the ability to integrate a user's productivity application of choice.

With tibbr Meetings, people are empowered to get work done faster with the flexibility to immediately turn social conversations into live meetings, across multiple web conferencing and meeting platforms and without leaving the work stream. tibbr Meetings lets anyone instantly start a meeting with just one click. By eliminating time spent coordinating meeting logistics and breaking down fragmentation problems, tibbr Meetings streamlines meetings into an entirely simple, natural experience so people can focus on getting real work done.

tibbr Meetings includes the following key features:

  • Access your meeting platform of choice, such as Cisco WebEx, Skype or Google Hangouts video chat from within tibbr in a single seamless experience.
  • Instantly turn a tibbr conversation into a live meeting to get work done faster across any platform.
  • Simplify before activities such as inviting attendees and sharing documents, and expedite after activities such as taking meeting notes and sharing follow-up actions using a simple easy-to-use enterprise social interface.
  • Create scheduled meetings with Cisco WebEx, Skype or Google Hangouts video chat without worrying about the usernames for all participants.

For companies that have invested heavily in standard meeting platforms such as WebEx or Skype, tibbr Meetings allows them to leverage their investments while facilitating greater productivity for their users through one integrated collaborative experience.

"The process to set up and manage meetings across an increasingly diverse pool of meeting platforms is painful," said Ram Menon, president, social computing, TIBCO. "tibbr Meetings gives people one place to instantly turn an online conversation into a live meeting on the platform of your choice and directly underscores our mission to become the essential computing platform for modern business."

tibbr Meetings is available to all tibbr users today. Access to a particular meeting platform requires that the user have an existing account with the provider of the applicable meeting platform.

About tibbr

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