New TIBCOmmunity is a Single Comprehensive Source for Real-Time User Support

Powered by tibbr, TIBCO's User Community Gives Users an Anytime, Anywhere Social Experience

Palo Alto, CA


18 November, 2013


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that TIBCOmmunity, one of the industry's most robust online support communities, has been redesigned to provide users with a complete social experience in real time, allowing users to connect, share, discuss and explore the abundance of the TIBCO platform regardless of whether they are on the road or at their desk.

TIBCOmmunity's new functions and capabilities connect users to products and peers through communities both socially and dynamically. TIBCOmmunity users can share problems and expertise or resources, discuss scenarios socially and in real time through the tibbr® platform, and explore products and people while on the go with tablet and mobile access.

"TIBCOmmunity is a one-stop shop where anyone with ideas, unique use case scenarios, or questions about our products, whether existing, new or recently updated, can connect with experts and peers to get the answers they need, when they need them, without the constraints of traditional forum-based online communities," said Tom Laffey, executive vice president, products & technology, TIBCO. "We're taking our TIBCO principles of right time, right place, right person, right context and incorporating them directly into the user community experience."

Additional core functionalities of the new TIBCOmmunity include:

  • Capability to discuss issues or ideas with one another collaboratively and in real time with @mentions and full-post resource support
  • Immediate notifications when content relevant to users is posted or users are mentioned in a post or reply
  • Ability to scale small private discussions among peers about a new idea into public, robust collaborations among scores of users or entire public user communities
  • Easy access to needed product resources through an innovative social communities structure and intuitive UI

TIBCOmmunity has flourished, growing from a handful of users at its launch in 2007 to over 30,000 today, reflecting the impressive growth in TIBCO's product portfolio during the same period. TIBCO's driving philosophy of putting the right data in the right hands at the right time has propelled the overhaul of TIBCOmmunity. Enabling user access to key information from anywhere gives them the insights they need to execute projects faster and more comprehensively than ever before.

While technology has made great strides since the early days of the Internet, most online communities are limited to an outdated, 'post-and-reply' based model and most forums are plagued by scattershot data and questions that could remain unanswered for years. By incorporating functionality of an enterprise social platform, TIBCOmmunity users can now be immersed in a truly social and dynamic experience while extracting recurring value from the support they receive.

For more information about the TIBCOmmunity, visit or Tweet @TIBCO using the hashtag #TIBCOmmunity.

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