TIBCO Unveils Software to Help Customer Service Providers Deliver, Manage Hundreds of Targeted Product Bundles

New Fulfillment Orchestration Suite Enables 21st Century Approach to Services Delivery



16 April, 2012


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today delivered new versions of its fulfillment orchestration software to help customer service providers quickly deliver, manage and analyze hundreds of targeted marketing campaigns and service bundles. The software makes it easier to configure complex "triple play" or "quad play" product bundles and execute those orders efficiently across disparate systems.

"As operators vie for more customers and maximise their revenues from existing ones, their marketing people need more and more flexibility to build and create new products that reach highly targeted customer demographics," said Matt Quinn, chief technology officer of TIBCO. "With the TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration™ suite, communications marketers are no longer limited by inflexible business and operational systems. New service bundles can be created on the fly, orders can be executed across multiple systems, and the entire catalog can be analyzed easily to see what's working and what's not in real time."

The TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration suite breaks up individual "orders" into the dozens or hundreds of specific tasks that need to be managed together, translating a customer's request into the various actions required in the underlying operational systems to deliver the right services for the customer. The bundled order thus becomes "catalog driven" rather than process driven, allowing marketers to create new bundles quickly and efficiently, as many bundles can have short lifetimes — to help the operator attract new customers and retain existing ones. Marketers can also analyze which bundles are selling best and which ones are failing to meet targets — allowing them to better understand, anticipate and act on market demand.

The new versions of TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration suite are complimented by TIBCO's acquisition of Kabira Technologies, which have been used by many operators to provide service and network activation. Across the range of TIBCO technologies, telecommunications is one of TIBCO's larger industry verticals. As a result, these technologies allow TIBCO's communications customers to deliver the right order for the right person within the right time frame, something TIBCO's CEO, Vivek Ranadivé, calls the two-second advantage™.

TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration delivers revenue maximization and operational efficiency benefits by providing an agile and flexible product suite for telecom providers to reliably automate the delivery of high-value, complex and converged services to customers at a lower cost than ever before. The software includes the ability to:

  • Quickly launch tailored convergent offerings
  • Put customers in control of their offerings via self-service
  • Save costs by activating services in real time on first usage
  • Accurately manage product lifecycles
  • Manage offerings that span across different domain network technologies
  • Control the sharing of resources with value-added partners
  • Enable cross and multi-channel order management
  • Enable the cross channel customer journey

For more information about TIBCO's telecommunications offerings, please visit www.tibco.com/industries/telecommunications/

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