TIBCO Spotfire Brings the Power of Data Discovery to Big Data and Extreme Information

New Version of Analytics Platform to Deliver Expanded Data Access, Greater Predictive Analytics, Mobile Deployment and Enterprise Management Capabilities

Somerville, Mass.


07 May, 2012


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced TIBCO Spotfire® 4.5, the latest version of its analytics platform that builds upon its groundbreaking visualization-based data discovery and collaboration capabilities to now encompass all types of extreme information, including big data. With the introduction of the newest version of its in-memory analytics platform, Spotfire® continues to advance "dimension-free" data exploration for structured and unstructured information, while providing new predictive analytics capabilities and the ability to create private-branded Spotfire analytics solutions for the iPad® mobile digital device. Together, the new capabilities allow organizations to leverage all types of data to discover and predict business outcomes and deliver insights to a wider community.

"With these advancements, Spotfire has clearly established itself as the visualization-based data discovery platform for every data type that organizations leverage for invaluable insight," said Lars Bauerle, vice president of product strategy at TIBCO Spotfire. "We're now allowing organizations to pull back the curtain on every data type, regardless of volume, variety, velocity or complexity."

Ranked as one of the easiest to use business intelligence (BI) platforms in the market by a leading analyst firm, Spotfire delivers on TIBCO's vision for the two-second advantage™ – where a little bit of information at the right time is more valuable than all the data in the world after the fact.

Spotfire 4.5 allows organizations to:

  • Discover actionable insights in big data: With Spotfire 4.5, the power of in-memory analytics is coupled with the ability to access and combine new data types. Spotfire offers a new application data service (ADS) connector to Apache Hadoop, where organizations can seamlessly mashup big data with data from enterprise applications, including those from salesforce.com, Oracle, SAP and others.
  • Gain a unified view to structured data and unstructured content: The TIBCO Spotfire® analytics platform has achieved the highest level of information access available within Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE™). In achieving platinum-level certification, Spotfire is the only BI and analytics platform that has been authenticated by Attivio to be able to present, analyze, access and leverage AIE's AI-SQL capabilities to provide data visualization, enhanced analytics of unstructured content and intuitive search and discovery, all in the same dashboard. Through an approach that combines visualization-based and search-based data discovery, end users are presented with a visually engaging unified information access (UIA) experience that incorporates structured, semi-structured and unstructured content – including information from email, documents, text messages, websites, social networking sites and more.
  • Deliver powerful, predictive analytics across the enterprise: Spotfire has long been recognized for its advanced predictive analytic applications, and with Spotfire 4.5, customers will receive an expanded portfolio of pre-packaged predictive methods to help anticipate business outcomes based on "data at rest" and "data in motion." In addition, Spotfire will now be able to access the full capabilities of SAS® software-based and MathWorks® MATLAB® software-based analytic models while remaining within the Spotfire interface. With Spotfire 4.5 serving as the front end, the value of sophisticated predictive models is made available to a much broader array of users. The capabilities to leverage these models is accomplished without scripting, bringing the power of predictive modeling to everyday analysis.
  • Quickly create branded mobile applications for the world's most popular tablet: Spotfire 4.5 features a deployment kit for the iPad®, so enterprises and third parties can customize and brand their Spotfire mobile applications for distribution via iTunes®. With these capabilities, organizations can design applications based on distinct sets of end users, while providing organizations control on the back end.
  • Actively monitor and control the Spotfire platform: Spotfire 4.5 provides comprehensive real-time systems monitoring and control across multiple installations of TIBCO Spotfire® Server and TIBCO Spotfire® Web Player instances in one environment for monitoring system activity and health. Administrators will be able to monitor the system via TIBCO Hawk® – a standards-based, Java Management Extensions (JMX) compatible monitoring solution. In responding to requests to enable Spotfire to be deployed more broadly to a larger number of users, Spotfire 4.5 offers easier installation, management and upgrades of servers and server clusters through scriptable installation, auto-registration of server clusters, self-recovering authentication connection and simplified configuration, including descriptive error message handling to diagnose situations based on user or process scenarios.

"Using Spotfire, The CementBloc can better understand sales and marketing trends, assess digital campaign performance and make recommendations to its clients faster than ever before," said Ira Haimowitz, executive vice president, intelligence and analytics, The CementBloc. "Spotfire has the ability to integrate multiple information sources and bring new relationships to life that otherwise wouldn't have been discovered. We're able to derive new insight into how well a message is resonating and which activities and materials are most effective for achieving campaign goals."

"In order to master big data you need to couple analysis with visualization-based data discovery like Spotfire's," said Dr. Matt Hahn, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Accelrys, a leading provider of scientific enterprise R&D software and services to companies that differentiate themselves through scientific innovation. "Working with our partner SCYNEXIS, we support big data analysis within a number of neglected disease research networks, utilizing the powerful visualization of Spotfire in combination with Accelrys scientific analytics. The more data you can visualize and analyze, the greater the potential for ground-breaking innovation. With Spotfire we've expanded the boundaries for discovery."

TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 is designed to leverage the full family of TIBCO business optimization and big data solutions, including TIBCO BusinessEvents®, tibbr® and TIBCO ActiveSpaces®.

TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 will be available in May 2012. For more information, visit http://spotfire.tibco.com/4-5.aspx or register for the Spotfire 4.5 webcast at http://spotfire2.tibco.com/l/5772/2012-05-02/b9k5w.


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More than 4,000 customers worldwide rely on TIBCO to manage information, decisions, processes, and applications in real-time. TIBCO Spotfire is the company's in-memory analytics software for next generation business intelligence. By offering a visual, interactive experience, Spotfire helps professionals quickly discover new and actionable insights in information. Learn more at: http://spotfire.tibco.com.

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