TIBCO Spotfire Announces Expanded Partnership with Teradata to Offer Extreme Data Discovery and Analytics

Spotfire Harnesses Teradata for Executing Complex Calculations and Predictive Analytics In-database

TUCON 2012, Las Vegas, NV


25 September, 2012


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) announced today that it has entered into partnership with Teradata Corporation to form a data discovery and advanced analytics platform for extreme data volumes and complex analytical challenges. With the combination of TIBCO Spotfire® 5.0 (see related press release: "TIBCO Spotfire Delivers Game-Changer - Brings the Power of Discovery to Big Data") and the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse, users are able to unleash the breadth and depth of enterprise data with unrivaled speed and flexibility, to uncover insights previously masked by data silos, sampling or high level data calculations.

With extreme data discovery and analytics, Spotfire® is extending its lead in the market. Spotfire 5 provides powerful integration options that leverage customers' investment in the Teradata analytic platform. With its new architecture, Spotfire 5 can leverage the execution power of Teradata by pushing all aggregations, filtering and complex calculations used for interactive visualization into the database. This allows non-IT line of business decision makers to iteratively build and score predictive and statistical models during a single Spotfire session, leveraging the power of Teradata's massively parallel processing platform.

"Tight integration between Spotfire 5 and Teradata greatly improves our customers' decision-making ability in a way that previously challenged business users," said Rob Berman, vice president for global alliances at Teradata. "This clearly represents a significant step in providing users the integrated and enterprise data analysis tools needed to drive better and quicker decisions on the front lines."

More than one-third of the companies in the Fortune 500 have already started to utilize Teradata technology and services to integrate and analyze their data to gain better insights on how to grow their businesses, reduce costs, improve efficiency, reduce customer churn, identify and reduce fraud, better manage their supply chains and inventories, and better forecast demand.

"The joint technologies and deep industry expertise of our two companies deliver the broadest analytic platform for the most complex business challenges," said Lars Bauerle, vice president of product strategy for TIBCO Spotfire. "Through this combination, individuals can perform ad hoc analytics and build out reusable analytic applications with workflows that guide business professionals to make the best decisions possible. We believe sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved when pervasive deployment enables everyone from the back office to the front lines to make the smartest and fastest decisions possible."

Existing Spotfire customers have the potential to see an immediate ROI on their Teradata investments across all of their analytic workflows, from root cause analysis of quality issues in manufacturing to customer valuation in pharmaceutical sales.

MGM Resorts International, a Spotfire and Teradata customer, realizes the impact this partnership will have on its organization as Spotfire is used to explore and visualize Teradata databases. "Being able to work with Spotfire directly connected to billions of data records through Teradata will greatly improve our ability to manage the Big Data dilemma and to extend our 'two second advantage' through real time decisioning," said Becky Wanta, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Technology & Innovation Officer of MGM Resorts International.

The combination of Spotfire and Teradata allows joint customers to accelerate analytic application creation and collaborative decision-making processes to optimize business operations and improve time-to-value, while maintaining high performance and linear scalability as data volume and complexity grows.

For more information and details on a related Spotfire webcast, please visit http://spotfire.tibco.com/spotfire-5 or join TIBCO Spotfire, a Diamond Sponsor, at Booth 300 during the Teradata PARTNERS Conference, October 21-25, 2012.

TIBCO Spotfire 5 is planned to be generally available in late November 2012.

About Teradata

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