TIBCO Software Unveils tibbr GEO, Rethinks the 'Check-In' for the Enterprise

Adding Geo-Location Capabilities, tibbr GEO Turns Physical Spaces into Data Hubs to Help Employees Discover Contextual, Location-Based Insights and Drive Faster, More Productive Businesses

Palo Alto, Calif.


25 January, 2012


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced tibbr® 3.5, the latest version of its universal enterprise social platform, and its breakthrough new geo-location capabilities called tibbr® GEO. In the 12 months since launch, tibbr has been deployed to hundreds of thousands of employees across global enterprises, who can now use tibbr to unify people, data and business processes to get work done.

tibbr GEO turns the consumer 'check-in' model on its head for the enterprise. tibbr GEO is the first enterprise social platform to turn physical places into data hubs that can immediately stream important insights relevant to that specific place. Instead of checking in to a location, the location checks into you – and brings you the relevant information, helping you discover important insights and work faster wherever you are.

tibbr GEO

tibbr GEO gives companies the ability to tag important places, whether in the enterprise or as part of the extended enterprise. As tibbr users approach these places, they're automatically presented relevant in-stream information. The applications and impact of turning locations into data hubs is virtually unlimited. Both individual employees and companies can realize efficiencies they've never seen before. A few potential applications might include:

  • Airlines and airports: turn a gate into a contextual, relevant data hub to give agents, pilots and flight attendants critical insights as they approach the gate.
  • Grocery and retail: turn each section of every aisle into a rich hub of insight derived from the individual shelf space, including insights about individual products, how they're selling, how fast they're moving or how a new location might be affecting sales.
  • Harness the collective intelligence of an oil well: transform an oil well into a pool of collective intelligence. With tibbr GEO, find all experts on oil wells in the vicinity (each oil well is mapped to a subject) and send them a directed question to instantly solve problems or discover insights.

The new capability expands the unique ability of tibbr to not just follow people, but also subjects and applications, all within a single, easy-to-use social experience.

tibbr Mobile

As a part of tibbr 3.5, tibbr Mobile applications will now leverage the power of HTML5 to deliver users a consistent mobile experience across all platforms and give enterprises much greater flexibility in supporting a device-diverse workforce. The tibbr hybrid mobile application combines the benefits of HTML5 with the richness of the native mobile interactions, providing access to all tibbr functionality in any form factor. tibbr Mobile will also now support offline access, so users can get to the critical stream of information that matters to their work even when they are not connected.

"We are leveraging our experience with real-time, event driven technology to change the way people interact with information at work," said Ram Menon, TIBCO's Executive Vice President. "With tibbr GEO and tibbr Mobile, we are putting locations on par with applications, information and people to bring them into the enterprise social stream and delivering a consistent mobile user experience."

About tibbr

tibbr is the universal social enterprise platform that is revolutionizing the way we work, collaborate, learn and share. tibbr connects people, applications and data in context in one universal and entirely personal view, bringing together what matters to get work done. It is an open, intensely flexible platform that can be delivered on premise or in the cloud with hundreds of thousands of users in more than 25 countries. Learn more at www.tibbr.com

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